Attraction 2012 Update #16 From gb980109 (3/29/11)

gb980109 stopped by the construction zone and took a few photos of progress. It looks like work is starting to pick up rapidly and almost half of the lake bottom has been dug up.

Am I seeing this correcty? Is that a backhoe and dump truck in the middle of a lake BELOW the waterlevel?

This could be either digging for the footers or for a water splash. At this point my money is on footers.

Now this is starting to look like a construction site! ūüôā

The dam is still there and now you can get a better idea on what the dirt pit looks like.

The pumps are working now! lol

More updates coming soon!


Attraction 2012 Update #15 From pushingbuttons (3/26/11)

It looks like the recent rain we’ve had has caused the construction crews to switch off the pumps and allow the water to flow freely through the construction area. Currently there is a stone pathway for the construction crews to gain access to the center of the lake with some pipes underwater. A small man-made pond was dug in front of the old dam, which I guess is to make it easier on the pumps and store some of the water there.

Looks like much more is going on inside the lake this week.

This side of the pond has been dug deeper I think to hold some of the water flowing through the pumps.

One of the newer pumps that pump the water into the new pond. 

So that’s it for this update. Springtime in the Park is less than 3 weeks away so keep watching for more soon!

Attraction 2012 update #14 From pushingbuttons (3/19/11)

We’ve got a better picture of the temporary dam in front of Looper’s and Comet’s creek bridge. It appears that they are in the process of trying to lower the water level in the section of the creek. The water is still being detoured through the steel piping and the plastic piping is still¬†¬† un-used.

In other news, Keystone Thrills appeared on WGAL 8 yesterday in an interview held at the park. In the video, it shows one of the workers holding blueprints for the utilities for Attraction 2012. This confirms that this new attraction will somehow either be part of or go through Comet Hollow and confirm the Comet Hailey rumor on the Ride Institute website. Click Here to view the video:

Attraction 2012 Update #13 From Ccron10 and HPCrazy (3/8/11)

With one more month until opening day for the 2011 season, here’s another update on construction as well as a small update with RIT.

Last Wednesday, several members at the site were contacted asking if they were interested in interviewing someone from¬†RIT. In the end they had to cancel, but not without releasing¬†first clue since their website was launched. The red letters, when added to the end of their site’s web address eventually takes you to the page below.¬†¬†

 It is written in Dutch, but when translated it says that the marketing will start in April and build up to an announcement in August.

Today we were interviewed at the park for a local news segment. Nothing really looks different from the midways compared from back in December as far as construction goes. As far as when the announcement will be for Attraction 2012, right now it seems like it will be on  August 2, 2011.

Interesting. Looks like they are going to dam up the creek, have the water by-pass the section by pumping it through that small pipe….¬†

Go down the entire length on where construction is going to occur…

…past the dam…

That pipe looks a little small. Maybe they’ll switch over to these drainage pipes or could they be footer castings?

…And exit down near the catering building (which is still there).

Attraction 2012 Update #10 From Ccron10 (11/27/10)

During Christmas Candylane, the park opens the Creekside Catering Area for Dog Sledding demonstrations. Since this area is on the chopping black for Attraction 2012, I thought it would be ineresting to see what’s down there.

What I found is that the path of stakes come down the hillside next to Comet’s far-end turnaround, cross the dam, continue halfway to the main bridge to the catering area, go through it without coming close to the buildings and then go up the other side of the creek back towards Sooperdooperlooper.

On the latest for the Ride Institute, after some people have connected the dots, it has been found out that this was created by Hersheypark. In the true Nantimi-like fashion, the bottom of the page has a link to an email address where you can drop them a message. Right now you get an automatic reply, but that might change once we get closer to spring.