Attraction 2012 Update #8 From Ccron10 (9/11/10)

The fence next to Comet is complete and it seems like the outer rim between Founder’s Circle and Comet has been taken over by stakes and servey markers. The old Paddleboat area seems abandoned, but there was a bulldozer parked next to Comet’s first drop and a new low fence has been built next to the abandoned pathway. A new mark (9C) has been discovered on the otherside of the creek near the Filling Station has been discovered. In other news, some piles of decorate cinderblock (used to decorate hillsides) has shown up in Lightning Racer’s field. Could a new pathway be added connecting Rhineland with Comet Hollow be coming?

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About ccron10

Keystone Thrills started in the summer of 2009 when the fansite Hersheypark Crazy and a lesser-known site called ccron10 media joined together. The site first started out as a community forum group and has grown from there. Today, Keystone Thrills is dedicated to providing it's readers with the latest updates and news from parks such as Knoebels, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and many more.

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