The Ride Institute Is Back and has a Better Site. (4/19/11)



That’s right Attraction 2012 Fans, The Ride institute is back and has updated their official website. As with any new update they do, it seems to include for clues, teasers and hints. The new site includes 5 pages in all (About RIT, Research, Studies, Employment and the home page).

Through the site, I’ve noticed a couple of clues and some cool new things that are new that haven’t been implemented during the Nantimi Game:

-The Alumni Section in the About RIT page features a rotation of different employees from Hersheypark’s engineering dept. To see them all, just keep refreshing the page.

-The About page lists 4 different people (3 guys and 1 girl) who work with the “company”. In October when we received the first puzzle, the people we’ve met from the group fit almost the same exact description (3 guys and 1 girl) and what they were wearing matched as well.

-The backgrounds of these four people is interesting. All of them have a wide range of interests in and outside of their degrees and received many awards.

-Dr. Andersson sounds pretty much like a reference to the Nantimi campaign given her marketing surveys in 2007… the same year as Nantimi. Back in March, I was contact by someone from RIT asking me if I wanted to interview her, but in the end we got a coded message, which took us to another page written in dutch.

-Dr. Julliard seems to be a big movie buff and a member of ACE (the American Cinema Editors union), which is a real group… wheither it’s hinting at the coaster enthusiast group or the actual group, I have no clue.

-Dr. Rose has a degree in Philosophy and wrote many papers that dramatically reversed longstanding beliefs in air-time, acceleration, and barrel rolls. That sounded interesting to me.

-In the Alumni section, AFW is mentioned again and confirms that they deal with research. Their logo, the earth, is on the top of the same page and Jan Van Der Velde’s face is hard to view.

Like the Nantimi page, an employment page has again been provided, but what’s never been done before is the release of info on a given date. RIT will release a brand-new study each Monday relating to their 4 main focuses.

We still have around 4 months to go until an official announcement will be made, so let the fun begin. 🙂

Here’s another clue that’s been discovered on the Theme Park Review and Screamscape websites… it’s in the logo posted above! Have fun figuring out what I mean! 😛

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5 thoughts on “The Ride Institute Is Back and has a Better Site. (4/19/11)

  1. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2037… The year an asteroid might hit the Earth? Interesting, although I don’t know what would fit in the blanks.

    • There should be two other banners floating around the internet somewhere. I know that one of them is on Screamscape, but the final one hasn’t been discovered yet.

    • Well, back in August at a township meeting, it was discussed that the park wanted permission to build an attraction between 200′ and 350′ in height. We next figured out that the planned height for the attraction would be 212.6′. While it could be possible, I think it’s just the size that they wanted to make the image and nothing related to the ride. 😉

  2. don’t know what they are planning to call the attraction…but the word “Turbulance” is still floating around out there since that was to be the name of a canceled project a few years ago…it’s a good name, they were going to use it and it’s still avaiable (i think)

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