Attraction 2012 Possible Layout? (4/20/11)

Posted in today’s Harrisburg Patriot News was an article about the updated RIT website and this image of a possible layout. From first-glance, Intamin comes to mind given the lack of supports for the location on where the lift may possibly go. Here are some more interesting points:

Here are some interesting points that I’ve noticed:
1. Judging from the cluster of supports right after the supposed-lift hill, I’m thinking this may have a turn similar to Intimidator 305 after a straight first drop. It would explian the removal of those trees next to Comet as well as the retaining wall.
2. Periodically through the course there looks like spaces for Comet to pass through.
3. Tilt-A-Whirl looks like it may be confirmed on being removed as well as the games building. The restrooms may be spared.
4. The storage track looks like it will be next to the station.

The most interesting point is that the stakes almost exactly meet the locations of the proposed footers pictured on this layout.

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