Ride Institute Propulsion Study and Mysterious Letter released!

As promised, the Ride Institute has released it’s first study entitled, Propulsion Dynamics.
Inside the .pdf file, the cover page features a series of dots, that if looked up, resemble Ursula Major (aka: Great Bear).
The rest of the study talks about how clay from deep underground contain minor sources of magnetisim when charged to polarity. The study started in the year 2004, which coinsidentally is the same year that Storm Runner opened and features magnetically charged brake fins to slow the trains down.
Hidden in the study are the faded letters, C L A Y, which added to the series of numbers found on Screamscape and Theme Park Review, then added to the search bar on the RIT website take you to a mysterious letter between Jeffrey, who is in the Amazon rainforest in the early 1900’s and his wife Charlotte.
Mentioned in the letter are two words that stook out to me:
Nevado Mismi- A volcano in Peru where the Amazon River begins. Could there be a tie between the Amazon, Halley’s Comet, ursla major, and the strange creature that they mention hearing while in the rainforest?

Terra incognita- a Latin term meaning “unknown land” and the plotting of it. According to Wikipedia, it mentions of an urban legend where cartographers would label these areas to possibly contain mythical creatures (given how a dragon could be involved).The phrase is now also used metaphorically by various researchers to describe any unexplored subject or field of research.

The second paragraph talks about some fly creature flying over the forest quieting the wildlife. Going back to the topic of Ursla Major, one of the stars included in it is Draco the Dragon. Could this refrence this? Would be a cool name for a coaster too.

Right now I’m picturing that the coaster will somehow involve LSMs for a lift hill. This could make sense given how fast Maverick’s lift hill is. If so, then we could be looking at a 75 to 80 mph coaster.
Given all this talk about megnetic fields, propulsion, and white dwarf particles.

I do have one question however. On the sideview graph posted to the bottom of the study, what does GWT stand for? I am guessing that this is a cross-section view of the creekbed at the construction site.

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2 thoughts on “Ride Institute Propulsion Study and Mysterious Letter released!

  1. A few years back, I recall watching a special on roller coaster design. I wish I could remember what it was called. I do know that I have it on video somewhere. Anyhow, they showcased some type of new magnetic launch technology (not LSM or LIM), much more powerful. One fellow on the show claimed that they could easily launch a coaster train from 0 to several hundred miles per hour (they referenced something like 700 mph in the show) in just seconds (at least capable of it – not that humans could withstand the G’s). Perhaps, this is some brand new, groundbreaking, magnet propulsion that we’re talking about here. I’m going to search my video collection for the show. If I find it, I will certainly reference it.

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