Hersheypark Buys Magic Mountain’s Monorail Trains

According to The Theme Park Guy, Magic Mountain’s park fansite, it seems like a purchase has been made between Hersheypark and them to buy their 3 Metro trains.


I posted an article a couple of weeks ago (here) that showed the Metro Monorail being removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain after sitting idle for ten years. Each train was hoisted from the guideway, secured onto a flatbed truck, and then hauled away into the night. Nobody really knew where they were going. Some diehard monorail fans were still holding out hope that they were being sent out to be rebuilt and that Six Flags was going to put them back into service one day. Others speculated they were being sold as parts to another company who had the same monorail, and others figured they may have been sold for scrap. Fortunately, the mystery has now been solved.

After a very long journey, through some very adverse weather, the former Metro Monorail has arrived safe and sound at its new home at Hersheypark, in Hershey, Pennsylvania:

Six Flags Magic Mountain Metro MonorailPhoto courtesy of Rich Sitler

Hersheypark has an identical, or at least very similar, monorail built in 1969 by the same manufacturer, Universal Mobility. Since that company went out of business long ago, I suspect that parts are few and far between. And when it comes to adding a new train, forget about it. Unless, of course, you can find some used ones that can be picked up dirt cheap. That’s where Six Flags Magic Mountain comes in.

Hersheypark sent a team out to California last year to see what Magic Mountain had. After some negotiating, they struck a deal with Six Flags to take almost everything. For under $100,000, they got all three trains, all the spare parts, the fiberglass molds, the roller storage tracks, the small work car, and one section of track – the rotary switch. That price also included shipping, which ended up being more than they paid for everything else. The rotary switch will actually stay in place until Magic Mountain removes the rest of the guideway, but there is no ETA on that yet. Hersheypark had wanted to buy the entire guideway as well, but a cost analysis pegged that at around $1M by the time they cut it all out and shipped it back east. They figure it will be cheaper to simply build their own.

Hersheypark’s monorail only has two stations, but one of them is no longer used. The second station was a stop at their chocolate factory for the tours, but they started using a simulated tour in 1973 and the monorail station was no longer needed. Today, their monorail is purely used as a ride, taking guests on a loop through the park and returning to the exact same place they started. Over the next couple of years, two of the former Six Flags trains will be completely refurbished and put into regular use. I’m guessing the third train will be used for parts. Hersheypark has been contemplating expanding their monorail and using it to move guests around the park, but there are no solid plans as of yet. I’m sure once they double their capacity with four working trains, they may take a more serious look at expanding their system.

As sad as it may be, I hope this information once and for all puts to rest the speculation of the monorail ever returning to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Now then, what can Six Flags Magic Mountain install to help people get around the park easier…

For those who have been following the park for the past few years, you would be familiar with the rumors year-after-year about expanding the monorail and giving it a new route. In-fact this may have been around since the 1970’s when the park planned on doing this. With this purchase, it makes this seem more possible than ever. On this note, I think we’ll see two possible situations:

Scenario 1: Two of the Metro trains replace the existing two trains, the 3rd Metro train is used for spare parts and the Capital BlueCross Monorail remains the same. The problem with this is why would they want to replace the existing trains with something that is in even poorer shape?

Scenario 2: The Monorail recieves a complete renovation with new track, the route is expanded and a second or even a third station is added, the ride serves as a mode of transportation in the park, 4 trains would operate in all with one of the Metro trains being used for spare parts. The downside with this is that Universal Mobility (the ride’s manufacturer) is out of business. the park would probably need to replace the entire ride with new track and redo the mechanics of the cars for them to run on the updated system.

It’s still way to easy to figure out what their up to, but then again, in a few of the RIT studies, trains have been mentioned…..


Attraction 2012 Update #25 (5/27/11)

Time for another weekly update! Let’s get started:

Hole Drilling maybe?

Construction crews were out at full force today on the right side of the creek. The left side looks like it hasn’t been touched lately.

Work on the creekbed I guess. Let’s check the status of those footers from last week.

Two down and many more to go!


Here’s another one.

Looks like they maybe starting on the ones in the middle of the creek.

It’s kind of hard to get a good picture of this wall.

But anyways, that’s this week’s construction update. Have a good Memorial Day!

Attraction 2012 Update #24 (5/20 & 5/21/2011)

This weekend on the construction site, something interesting has been found. gb980109 also stopped by on Friday to get photos of this cool find. Just as this sign says, looks like the construction fun starts here…

We’re back at the sweetest place on earth for another weekly update. Last week’s photos turned out crappier than usual and I’m sorry about that. 😉

Mr. Crane seems to have moved down-stream this week.

The construction wall has grown. Let’s take a look.

On the other side of the first wall… nothing out of the ordinary.

Let’s take a look and see what’s happening up-stream.


Oh! Footers!

Just add concrete, let it set, and this one is done.

This one is kind of close to the fence.

Looks like they could be starting another.

Could this one be going in the creek maybe?

In all there are close to maybe 4 or 5 of these in the site so far.

This one just needs the top part.

Another base ready to be poured.

It doesn’t look like they’re going to be digging away from the hillside much from what they’ve already did.

Let’s see what’s going on down here…

Concrete wall. Every few feet along it, there looks like a spot for something to be mounted there.

It also runs along like this for a good distance too.

They did a great job re-routing the creek too.

See? Really dry, and the water level inside the park looks nothing different from last year.

That’s it for this week’s update. I can only expect for us to see more of this in the coming weeks.

Attraction 2012 Update #22 From pushingbuttons and HPCrazy (5/6/11)

I apologize for being slow on posting these updates (finals week), but much of the Park Blvd. hillside has changed within the past week. HPCrazy and pushingbuttons managed to stop by and get an update.

After much discussion, it has been confirmed that these new markers are nothing more than survey points. This one is #23.

Oops. Hopefully they replant the grass.

Brand-new job trailer.

Some markers have shown up on the road. I’m guessing that these are to map out the size of the construction site.

The drainage piping  is found at several locations throughout the construction site.

Don’t touch the sandbags, they have been known to bite! 😛

Half of the creek bed is now exposed and is ready for footers and most of the hillside has been dug away.

Hmm, the piping that those pumps used earlier in construction have disappeared. But this gives a good idea at the current look of the construction site.

This is approximately where the first drop is projected to be.

And here’s the construction site from the Kissing Tower.

After riding Comet last week, I am 95% sure that the layout shown earlier is the real layout of Attraction 2012.

Stay tuned for another possible update later this week! 😉

Ride Institute’s Materials and Design Study Has Been Released (5/9/11)


This week’s study isn’t as clue-filled as the others, but there does seem to be some letters hidden in the atomic structure picture shown at the bottom of the study.

The letters discovered are:

Doctor Weivnetni

Personally this sounds like another anagram and probably will give us something when we put it into the search bar.

Focusing on the text part, this study talks about the development of a Palladium-fused Spiderfiber Net. Pallladium is usually associated with Platinum and is sometimes used in jewlery, electronics, and technology. The element was named after the astroid 2 Pallas (which was first considered to be a comet when first discovered, but was changed), but I have no clue if the element has anything to do with the game.

Two numbers (212, and 196) are brought up and it would fit the specifications of the maximum height and drop height of the first drop. This would fit given that the 16 feet would allow the coaster structure to still be okay if Spring Creek were to flood.

Also something small to mention is the useage of Fahrenheit, another mention of Hersheypark’s coasters.

EDIT: (5/11/11)

The mystery behind the letters has been cracked. When DOCTOR_INTERVIEW is placed in the search bar, it takes you to a Press page. I have already submitted a request to conduct an interview, so we’ll see what happens.

Ride Institute’s Gravity Manipulation Study has been released. (5/2/11)

This week’s study has a focus on Gravity Manipulation:


At first glance, it looks like it may have no clues or hints included in the study, you need to do a little digging…

First, look at the bottom right corner of the first page of the study. What you are looking at is a code key. When it was first discovered it was unclear to what it could be for. The code was tried on the existing search box code from last week and resulted with nothing.

But thankfully, a member from our site discovered that if you look at the massive gap in the middle of the first page, highlight it and then copy and paste it, you get the following code: (see second paragraph from bottom)

Once translated, you get the following message: (see last paragraph)

Looks like we have a new character being introduced.

Moving on to the second page, a lot more is hinted at a launch system. One interesting date mentioned is 1996. This maybe the year on which Wildcat opened, but according to rcdb.com it is also the same year when the first LIM launched coaster opened (Outter Limits: Flight of Fear). But it could also mean LSM given how Superman: The Escape was supposed to open in 1996, but was pushed back to finally opening in 1997 due to problems.

LIM rcdb.com search results: http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&nm=na&pp=91&page=1&order=10

LSM rcdb.com search results: http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&nm=na&pp=92&page=1&order=10

The Number Code found on Page 1:

 4 17 14 1 6 / 0 16 15 / 15 0 / 19 17 , / 13 / 21 13 9 9 / 6 14

 22 17 / 13 8 18 0 4 19 14 15 13 0 8 / 15 0 / 5 6 14 4 17 / 5

 6 0 4 15 9 23. // 25 4. / 19. / 1 0 16 2 0 8 17