Ride Institute’s Gravity Manipulation Study has been released. (5/2/11)

This week’s study has a focus on Gravity Manipulation:


At first glance, it looks like it may have no clues or hints included in the study, you need to do a little digging…

First, look at the bottom right corner of the first page of the study. What you are looking at is a code key. When it was first discovered it was unclear to what it could be for. The code was tried on the existing search box code from last week and resulted with nothing.

But thankfully, a member from our site discovered that if you look at the massive gap in the middle of the first page, highlight it and then copy and paste it, you get the following code: (see second paragraph from bottom)

Once translated, you get the following message: (see last paragraph)

Looks like we have a new character being introduced.

Moving on to the second page, a lot more is hinted at a launch system. One interesting date mentioned is 1996. This maybe the year on which Wildcat opened, but according to rcdb.com it is also the same year when the first LIM launched coaster opened (Outter Limits: Flight of Fear). But it could also mean LSM given how Superman: The Escape was supposed to open in 1996, but was pushed back to finally opening in 1997 due to problems.

LIM rcdb.com search results: http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&nm=na&pp=91&page=1&order=10

LSM rcdb.com search results: http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&nm=na&pp=92&page=1&order=10

The Number Code found on Page 1:

 4 17 14 1 6 / 0 16 15 / 15 0 / 19 17 , / 13 / 21 13 9 9 / 6 14

 22 17 / 13 8 18 0 4 19 14 15 13 0 8 / 15 0 / 5 6 14 4 17 / 5

 6 0 4 15 9 23. // 25 4. / 19. / 1 0 16 2 0 8 17




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