Attraction 2012 Update #22 From pushingbuttons and HPCrazy (5/6/11)

I apologize for being slow on posting these updates (finals week), but much of the Park Blvd. hillside has changed within the past week. HPCrazy and pushingbuttons managed to stop by and get an update.

After much discussion, it has been confirmed that these new markers are nothing more than survey points. This one is #23.

Oops. Hopefully they replant the grass.

Brand-new job trailer.

Some markers have shown up on the road. I’m guessing that these are to map out the size of the construction site.

The drainage piping  is found at several locations throughout the construction site.

Don’t touch the sandbags, they have been known to bite! 😛

Half of the creek bed is now exposed and is ready for footers and most of the hillside has been dug away.

Hmm, the piping that those pumps used earlier in construction have disappeared. But this gives a good idea at the current look of the construction site.

This is approximately where the first drop is projected to be.

And here’s the construction site from the Kissing Tower.

After riding Comet last week, I am 95% sure that the layout shown earlier is the real layout of Attraction 2012.

Stay tuned for another possible update later this week! 😉


4 thoughts on “Attraction 2012 Update #22 From pushingbuttons and HPCrazy (5/6/11)

  1. Hersheypark always finds a way to fit new coasters in with the old ones. Glad they aren’t getting rid of SooperDooperLooper, it’s a classic smooth and fun coaster. Hope they are just moving Tilt a Whirl and not getting rid of it, its one of the better flats.

  2. Pingback: Anonymous

  3. I think there should be a B&M Hypercoaster and call it URSAmajor. And I think im interested in this project. Ive been to hersheypark lots of times and i like this place alot. i would love to see a new 12th rollercoaster.

    This Should Be Interesting 😀

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