Ride Institute’s Materials and Design Study Has Been Released (5/9/11)


This week’s study isn’t as clue-filled as the others, but there does seem to be some letters hidden in the atomic structure picture shown at the bottom of the study.

The letters discovered are:

Doctor Weivnetni

Personally this sounds like another anagram and probably will give us something when we put it into the search bar.

Focusing on the text part, this study talks about the development of a Palladium-fused Spiderfiber Net. Pallladium is usually associated with Platinum and is sometimes used in jewlery, electronics, and technology. The element was named after the astroid 2 Pallas (which was first considered to be a comet when first discovered, but was changed), but I have no clue if the element has anything to do with the game.

Two numbers (212, and 196) are brought up and it would fit the specifications of the maximum height and drop height of the first drop. This would fit given that the 16 feet would allow the coaster structure to still be okay if Spring Creek were to flood.

Also something small to mention is the useage of Fahrenheit, another mention of Hersheypark’s coasters.

EDIT: (5/11/11)

The mystery behind the letters has been cracked. When DOCTOR_INTERVIEW is placed in the search bar, it takes you to a Press page. I have already submitted a request to conduct an interview, so we’ll see what happens.


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