Attraction 2012 Update #25 (5/27/11)

Time for another weekly update! Let’s get started:

Hole Drilling maybe?

Construction crews were out at full force today on the right side of the creek. The left side looks like it hasn’t been touched lately.

Work on the creekbed I guess. Let’s check the status of those footers from last week.

Two down and many more to go!


Here’s another one.

Looks like they maybe starting on the ones in the middle of the creek.

It’s kind of hard to get a good picture of this wall.

But anyways, that’s this week’s construction update. Have a good Memorial Day!


6 thoughts on “Attraction 2012 Update #25 (5/27/11)

  1. Do you have persmission To take pictures, etc.
    Every time that i posted construction on my website, that what other coaster Enthusiasts, said to me, that why I am not doing anymore updates on my great website that i had up now, when 2015 that will be the end of my website , i might closed it down the year. peace to all.
    I am a 2011 season pass holder of Hersheypark

    • All the updates that I do are strictly from areas where i am either outside the park or from a midway inside the park where guests are allowed to travel on. Whenever I take a photo at a construction fence, I hold the camera over my head to get the shot. So simply put, whenever i do updates I never venture into a restricted area. Also for anyone who thinks about taking their own construction pictures, if I believe that the photo you took is from a ride, inside a restricted area, or if I find out from another source that you were bragging about going into an area where you shouldn’t be and without park permission, you would be at least banned from the Keystone Thrills forums and the incident might even be referred to the park if they are able to do something about it.
      As long as nobody takes photos or does anything idiotic like I said above, then construction updates are welcome.

      Sorry about that rant, I just wanted to let everyone know my construction update policies. 😉
      But, I see no problem if you do construction updates as long as you’re in a public legal area such as a midway. If you are, then it’s in an area where the guests and passers-by can see and I think photos are welcome.
      Hope this helps 😉

  2. WOW 😀 this construction site is just GROWING & GROWING Each Week. 2 footers in im impressed.
    Keep up the collossal work…. im looking forward to seeing this new rollercoaster :D.

    Looking forward to seeing more:)


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  4. work is fast and furious at the park. good views can be seen while riding comet and superdooperlooper. All kinds of construction equipment laying about. I notice the creekbed has be re-routed. I assume temporarily for footer installations?

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