New RIT-Like Website Found (6/2/11)

LaMarcus Brothers  //  Mid-Air Excavation

Say hello to LaMarcus Brothers, the newest clue-filled website from the people who have brought you the Ride Institute of Technology. The coding is similar, the site structure is similar, and the way the clues are presented are similar. Let’s dive in:

In the About Us section a lot of technology is mentioned that doesn’t sound possible (a hover dump truck, wind pather, etc.) but the number #12 is mentioned again along with the years 1990 and 2005 (both years the park got flat rides). The updates section is structured similar to the RIT one, but with the dates being  a few days apart as well as the events being fictional. The 12 is mentioned again.

Here are the keypoints on the rest of the site that stick out to me:

Exploratory Air Surveys – From 12 – 220 feet, LaMarcus Brothers Mid-Air Excavation offers a comprehensive suite of exploratory services utilizing brute physical force and the latest in-house proprietary probing technology.


Storm Runner – In 2004, LaMarcus Brothers partnered with Intamin and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company to build Storm Runner and maximize its vertical horsepower. Since its completion, the hydraulic-powered Storm Runner has become one of the most popular rides at Hersheypark.

Fahrenheit – In 2007, LaMarcus Brothers again partnered with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company to excavate the 121-foot airscape overhanging the proposed Fahrenheit vertical chain lift. After extensive high-air grading and atmospheric excavation, both completed on time and under budget, Fahrenheit anchored a record-breaking summer season at Hersheypark.

Kangaroo Bridge – In 2009, Jeffrey and Rocky LaMarcus temporarily relocated to New Zealand to design the above-ground foundation for the Kangaroo Bridge connecting the north and south islands. Construction is set to begin in early 2012.


Rigorous safety protocols are central to the effectiveness of all licensed construction companies, particularly a company that works exclusively aboveground. At LaMarcus Brothers Mid-Air Excavation, we promote an injury-free environment by mandating a 40-hour safety course for all new employees. This includes step-by-step instruction in our 5-point “Never-Fall” safety harnesses, hands-on training with our double-redundant hover technology, and first-person immersive role-playing within a variety of safety scenarios.

Through our industry-leading training and education programs, we have achieved a safety record that offers piece-of-mind to our employees and their loved ones.

EDIT (6/3/11):

Nearly at the same time this new website was discovered, RIT has released a new clue with the picture on the Studies page flashing a series of letters (2vBm). Place them into the search bar and you get a .pdf file named Ch.2.

Inside is another dutch letter and a diagram showing the image of a footer (similar to how Storm Runner’s is). If you translate it, you get this:

TITLE: Hers hey park MINI paals stones y m
T A G S P R O J E C T 2 0 1 2
– – – – – – – – – – – – OVERVIEW AND ACTIVITIES – – – – – – – – –
A12. (JVDV) Hershey Park has created a new mini-pile foundation system.
A13. (JVDV) Mini-piles to integrate with rock and earth connections Foundation
A14. (JVDV) Mini redundant posts need huge piles, saving competitive
time, cost, construction, excavation, etc.
A15. (JVDV) Consistent application of new technology attraction
Institute proposes stronger ties with Ride than previously thought.
A16. (JVDV) Caught snapshot suggests dark tone footer underground
A17. (JVDV) Mini-piles to absorb energy, not only strength but
significant upthrust ride.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – Opinion – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
P01 – AFW see further deterioration in its competitive standing against
New technology is being used by more aggressive players in the market.
Lagging technology expertise has elevated to the status of
AFW P01 and requires a further investment in both competitive monitoring
and control.
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4 thoughts on “New RIT-Like Website Found (6/2/11)

  1. If you go on the LaMARCUS website and click on the Safety link there is a blue line under the end of the paragraph. If you click that line you link up to the RIT Studies website where the chalk board refreshes revealing the number “2” and the letter “V” and “M” light up.

    • Actually, if you look real close at the refreshing blackboard, there is a “B” that lights up in ther lower right corner. The sequence is as follows: “2-V-B-M.”

  2. The site now says:

    6/13/11 – Our Dir. of Biz. Dev. will be in Hersheypark this Saturday from 12-2PM. Ask him for a business card!

    Anyone going? And isn’t that when the Phillie Phanatic will be in the park? Maybe he’s the guy behind all this.

  3. If you notice the green bar above the red border at the bottom of any of the Lamarcus Bros pages it is a link to a picture. I assume if anyone is looking for the Lamarcus Bros Dir. of Biz. Dev on Saturday he or she will be wearing one of these shirts in this pic.

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