Hersheypark Project 2012 Update #29 (7-13-11)

So many footers and there are so many about ready to be poured soon from the looks of it. Let’s see what this update shows:

Remember that RIT diagram on footers? These small concrete poles are the beginnings of them.

It’s at the point where it seems easy to figure out a layout for this thing.

Paddleboat anyone? Looks like it has been sitting there since they removed them back in 2007.

A new footer coming soon.

Hmm. Those footers look un-normally thick.

Another new one, but this one has three bolts.

Looks like they’ll need to pump out this one.

I wonder what’s in that trench on the bottom of the photo?

Hmm. I never seen a footer look like that before.


Hmm. Going from what’s in the supports next to Lightning Racer and matching them up to this, I think we’re looking at the track being low to the ground at this spot.

Right next to the finished one. This one just needs concrete.

Here’s three of them in a row.

More coming soon.

This is the construction site as of now.  Expect another update coming this weekend from HPCrazy when he visits the park.




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8 thoughts on “Hersheypark Project 2012 Update #29 (7-13-11)

  1. Great update! I took a few pictures last week, and a park security officer stared at me the entire time. He never came over and said anything though.

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  4. Can we maybe get a map that shows where the current/ prepared footers are being placed from a satellite view. That would help us a little better to match up the layout with where the supports are being placed.

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