Hersheypark Announces Skyrush: the park’s 12th Roller Coaster (8-2-11)

Introducing the true face of Attraction 2012: Skyrush. This 12th scream machine is sure to delight all the thrillseekers who visit Hersheypark in 2012. Some of the keypoints of the ride is it’s 200 foot tall 50 degree angled lift hill, 85 degree frist drop (only 5 degrees off of being completely vertical!), top speed of around 75mph, 5 airtime-packed hills and numerous zero-g turns.

But the most eyecatching thing is going to be the trains. These will be hybrids, which means that the center two seats in the row will have a floor and the outer two will be floorless by only being attached to the train by an arm.

Along with Skyrush, Comet Hollow will recieve a facelift more theming focused towards the park’s yesteryears. A new path will run from Rhineland to Skyrush’s entrance on the current site of Tilt-A-Whirl, which will close around Labor Day. Don’t worry, it will be back next year at it’s pre-1993 location in Founder’s Circle where Tiny Tracks is (which will close after Christmas and be put in storage). Come after Labor Day, we should see things starting according to a few sources in Comet Hollow.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the coaster may have been announced, but the construction updates won’t stop here (not by a long shot). We are heading into a fun offseason watching Skyrush go vertical and then we’ll witness the opening of this flying creature in Memorial Day Weekend 2012. As of this post, only 296 more days to go.

To view the official Skyrush information page, go here: http://www.hersheypark.com/skyrush_2012/index.php

To discuss this coster in our forums, go here: http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t319-skyrush-official-discussion-thread

To view the photos from the announcement, go here: http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t318-breaking-news-our-skyrush-photo-coverage-from-the-announcement

The photos posted above can be found on the HersheyPA press room found here: http://images.hersheypa.com/image_archive/lightbox_viewer.php?i=4550&r=0vml7vfc

We should have our first ever named, Skyrush Construction Update posted sometime soon. Be sure to check back! 🙂



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