Hersheypark Skyrush Update #34 (8-2-11)

This is it! The first Skyrush construction update that’s not called Project 2012! Let’s get down to business and check out what the construction site looks like on it’s announcement day.

A few days before the announcement we discovered on some Army Corps. of Engineers blueprints, which were found on their website, that a new pathway connecting Rhineland and Comet Hollow will be built. It will travel under Comet’s first drop here (Sidenote: Over 60 years ago this opening was used by the park’s old Miniature Railway until it was removed in the early 70’s.), run along side the creek offering great views of Skyrush, then connect the path that used to lead over to Creekside Catering.

See this thing next year in a different spot.

Won’t be long for this to fade into Hersheypark history.

There are now windows for your viewing pleasure cut into the construction wall. I know I will use these frequently over the next few months into Halloween and Christmas.

These windows offer a VERY good view of the construction site.

Here’s the other side on where that path is going to come out. It will make it easy for guests to get to Skyrush, Comet, Looper and Great Bear, but it will also help greatly at closing at allowing a 2nd way to get up to the main gate and make crowds lighter in Founder’s Circle at this time.

There’s a good amount of footers ready and waiting for concrete.

They have also diverted the creek again, but this time  it’s flowing through those small pipes.

Down towards the dam, more footers are going up.

These windows offer a great new view of Comet.

The pump has returned to get the rest of this water out before they can start work on the otherside.

Here’s the whole construction site.

Time for some photos from along Park Blvd.

That’s a big dump truck. Maybe it can secretly hover? 😛

Here’s a view of the other side of the viewing fence.

The park’s oldest existing coaster.

Hard to imagine that Skyrush’s peak is going to be out of the picture at the top. It’s going to dominate Comet.

The walls along the creek are also going to be redone so don’t worry. 🙂

Shouldn’t long until this thing goes vertical in this area at this rate.

The ride is going to interact with 3 other coasters in this area.

I’ll leave you with this great shot taken near where Skyrush’s first drop is going to be of the Comet.

Also to note, it has been discovered by a fellow member that Tilt-A-Whirl may close a little after Labor Day. It may then go into the shop for it’s winter rehab a bit earlier than other rides then be added to Founder’s Circle for 2012. Because of this, it is said that Tiny Tracks may then close after Christmas Candylane and then go into storage for next season. It is likely that Comet Hollow will be closed for Christmas, but Halloween is a little unknown.

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6 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Update #34 (8-2-11)

  1. This Will be the most interesting fun ride cant wait to come up and ride it next year I also heard that hersheypark next year was supposed to expand on the WEST SIDE !!! ill wonder if any coasters will be included :/?

    • It’s becuase you’re the only one replying to the updates over here and because I can’t answer your questions. If want your questions answered, please post them in the Skyrush Discussion thread over on keystonethrills.megabb.com.

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