Hersheypark Skyrush Update #43 (9/26/11)

Well folks, that’s it for the Summer 2011 season. Let’s check out Skyrush shall we?

To start it off, let’s check on our track crop.

My, has it grown…

The amount of pieces has doubled since the last update.

The one next to the yellow I-beams looks tastey.

That piece is the shortest one so far. Pretty much half the size of the others.

Cable lift pulleys! The blue piece in front of it looks like a piece for the transfer section behind the station.

It’s fun guessing what the pieces are going to be for.

Mmm… Hello Intimidator 305.

More of these yellow I-beams have shown up. I am really starting to see these being a part of the support framework for the lift hill. Still no lift hill track though.

See the last piece in the row? That’s a transitional piece going from a single spine into brake/station track.

More I-beams.

I want to say that a good part of the ride seems be here from what it looks like.

Ok, I’m totally lost on what this could be.

Time to move over to the construction site and see what’s been going on.

Looks like they’re ready to add a new piping system.

They pretty much travel from the construction entrance up to the Comet.

They were in the process of pumping out the low areas. They have managed to get the creek flowing through the piping from before and seem to be close to getting back to normal.

These look like the only new ones so far this week.

The footers for this turn look like they are just about done.

I am really excited for the new path going along the creek over there.

Another construction fence was taken down. The only one now left is the one closest to the construction entrance.

The creek has been fixed.

Quick update on the Tilt-A-Whirl construction site. I don’t have photos, but half of the Comet Hollow Games building has been torn down and the railings for the old queue are now gone. The restrooms have been closed, but the temporary ones on the trailor from Tudor Square last week have been moved down there to take their place.


Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #42 (9/18/11)

It seems like things are starting to get back to normal at the construction site. The water level is a little lower compared to a few days ago.

The flood damaged the Nut Hut and now all that remains is a concrete spot for it.

With it missing, it somewhat gives the feeling that change is starting to occur in this area.

The old servey markers are growing.


The spraypaint fairy has gone a little crazy it seems. 😛

Tilt-A-Whirl has been packaged up and put into hibernation and crews are wasting no time tearing up the ride site.

The ride exit. They have the exit gate laid up against the construction wall (not shown).

Looks like they have focused a lot of their time on this site.

I spy the old blue and white tent that covered the control booth. They have also have started to dismantle the queue fence.

Expect this view to be much different in 249 more days.

By the way, Comet Hollow Restrooms are still open… for now.

That’s it for this update. Hope it was relaxing! 🙂

EDIT: I have been taking notice that the photos have been shown a little narrower than usual. In this update you should be able to just click on the photo to see the normal version. In the last few updates, I will need to re-uplload the photos. This will hopefully be done by tomorrow afternoon or evening. Sorry about that. 🙂

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #41 (9/14/11)

We’re going to check out the track and the skyline before we have a 200ft coaster dominating over the park.

To put things into perspective, Great Bear’s lift hill is 120 feet from creek-level and Skyrush will be 200ft so if you can imagine a lift hill 80 feet taller, then I think this will give you an idea on it’s height.

There are now three different types of track on-site now: The double-spined, which was used on Intimidator-305 at King’s Dominion in Virginia, track with no spine, which is typically used on brake runs, stations and storage tracks, and single spined track, which looks like the double spined, but with one less (I have never seen Intamin use a track style that looked like this).

Going from bottom-to-top. The spineless track pictured looks to be a piece for the station or brake run. The piece behind it looks very unique and totally different from the Fahrenheit single spine track. The spine appears to be closer to the rails. In the background looks to be a piece of the top of one of the two lift structures and the standard I-305 style track.

More track. The blue and yellow I-beams are new and kind of has me thinking that maybe the lift hill will have blue as well as yellow supports.

But then again, there are so many different support styles being used in the coaster laying in the storage areas, that it seems almost impossible to figure out where everything is going.

More Intamin good-ness.

It was said recently that it is still too early to know if it’s opening may be delayed. After all the flooding that they have recieved, it is quite understandable.

One thing is for sure, Skyrush is going to stick out in the skyline.

The Terrifying Two will soon be the Thrilling Three.

Those yellow I-Beams kind of have me scratching my head though.

This is only part of the track. We still haven’t seen the lift hill sections.

Going a little off-topic, but I was never up on this hill before. The last few pictures were taken from the Hershey Gardens parking lot and I have to say that the setting was very beautiful.

According to the park’s website, Hersheypark will re-open this weekend, but Tilt-A-Whirl won’t. Looks like we’ll see work start for the station pretty soon.

Over at Tram Circle, signs have popped up to let guests know that they are still recovering from the flood.

Looks like Hersheypark Memories is okay.

The clock is still ticking…

A few days ago, the park posted a picture showing this area looking like it wasn’t under several feet of water. This was taken yesterday and confirms it. It looks like nothing even happened! They’ve done an excellent job!

Like it never even happened.

They were working on the Guest Relations building while I was there.

Over at the construction site, most of the debris has been picked up, but chunks of walkway are still littered in the old Creekside Catering area.

They saved the fence.

The otherside of the bridge still has debris in it.

In the construction site, not much has changed. The tree being Hospitality Services is gone.

These unfinished footers look like they survived.

The creek is still running freely through the construction site.

In the center filled with water is a pit, which may be for the second lift hill support.

Looks like some pumping is in-store.

This piece of machinery is still there.

More concrete for the walls I’m guessing?

That wraps up this update. Be sure to check back Sunday or Monday for a new update checking out Tilt-A-Whirl’s spot and what the park looks like.

See you then!


Hersheypark, Dutch Wonderland, and Knoebels: The Flood of 2011 (9/9/11)

We are not starting to paint a picture on what  it looks like at the parks in Central Pennsylvania. So far we know that Knoebels and Hersheypark have suffered segnifigant damage from the flooding that caused them to remain closed this weekend and that Dutch Wonderland, too suffered flooding, but may be able to be open tomorrow and sunday.

Note: (all linked photos are property of the pages that they are posted on).

From Dutch Wonderland’s facebook page, here is a link showing what it looks like:


For Knoebels, they have suffered a little bit more. The water covered most of the park in a short amount of time, lifted up concrete and threw dirt and muck everywhere. In their photo album, some of the striking ones are of the Ole Smokey train being covered in debris and sitting on it’s side, the M&G Carousel band organ and horses being moved about, Debris covering the Haunted Mansion and more. These photos are really hard to look at…

Finally, Hersheypark, which pretty much suffered just as much as Knoebels. The water rose just as fast as at Knoebels and claiming the life of one of ZooAmerica’s bison resulting in the other one having to be euthanized. I want to note that Keystone Thrills supports their decision and that any personal attack on them on the blog or forums will be removed. You can read the press release with the Q/A here:


Since Keystone Thrills is centrally located in Hershey Pa. (we are not affiliated to the park, by the way), keeping track on what has been happening at the park and town has been easy. I stopped by on Wednesday (just before the major downpour) to check the Skyrush construction (you can see those photos in the last construction update). By the evening, video was posted taken from the bridge on Park Blvd. showing Spring Creek starting to lap over the top of it: (https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150282403981854)

By now, it is hard to imagine what it looked like inside the park, but the photos taken by Hersheypark on their facebook page and pretty much give you an idea on how bad it was, but one thing is for sure, the water was up to Great Bear’s track in the area before the Immelmann.


Today (9/9/11) we were able to journey out to Park Ave. and Park Blvd. to see an extent on the damage and here is what was seen…

Remember to follow the Keystone Thrills facebook page to find out what’s happening at these parks. We wish them the best on the clean-up process and recovery.

Hersheypark Skyrush Update #40 (9/7/11)

Today has been a very wet day for Hershey and the surrounding areas. Flooding was the big theme and the Skyrush construction site was not missed. These photos were taken around 12pm and just before a big downpour that lasted most of the afternoon.

If you look to the bottom of the picture you can see part of the old wall that surrounded the lake before construction began. The temporary dam and much of the construction site is underwater.

The water looks pretty deep.

Many of the construction vehicles have been parked along this hillside to try to escape the water.

This is a perfect example to show why the footers are so high.

Progress is being made on the other side of the creek, but it’s hard to tell how much.

It looks like, at the time that this photo was taken, that this is what the lake was before construction.

That’s all for now.

Hersheypark Skyrush Update #39 (9/2/11)

Happy Labor Day!

Last week, more work was done on the Comet-side of the creek, but the Park Blvd. side still had some activity going on. One of the big occurences happening on the construction site is that they are starting to dig a big, square hole for one of the main footers for the lift hill. This can only be viewed from the first drop of Comet, but I’ll see if I can snap a photo of it from Park Blvd this week.

Down by Creekside Catering area, more footers for the turnaround are starting to take shape. They were just starting them last week, but they were underwater because of Irene.

Check out the brand-new crane. It’s hard to tell if it might be used to lift the supports into place or not, but they do still need to move some more footer castings around.

The construction site kind of looks smaller than what the coaster looks, but this could be good in a way and make the airtime hills even better.

More photos coming during this week!