Hersheypark Skyrush Update #39 (9/2/11)

Happy Labor Day!

Last week, more work was done on the Comet-side of the creek, but the Park Blvd. side still had some activity going on. One of the big occurences happening on the construction site is that they are starting to dig a big, square hole for one of the main footers for the lift hill. This can only be viewed from the first drop of Comet, but I’ll see if I can snap a photo of it from Park Blvd this week.

Down by Creekside Catering area, more footers for the turnaround are starting to take shape. They were just starting them last week, but they were underwater because of Irene.

Check out the brand-new crane. It’s hard to tell if it might be used to lift the supports into place or not, but they do still need to move some more¬†footer castings around.

The construction site kind of looks smaller than what the coaster looks, but this could be good in a way and make the airtime hills even better.

More photos coming during this week!