Hersheypark, Dutch Wonderland, and Knoebels: The Flood of 2011 (9/9/11)

We are not starting to paint a picture on what  it looks like at the parks in Central Pennsylvania. So far we know that Knoebels and Hersheypark have suffered segnifigant damage from the flooding that caused them to remain closed this weekend and that Dutch Wonderland, too suffered flooding, but may be able to be open tomorrow and sunday.

Note: (all linked photos are property of the pages that they are posted on).

From Dutch Wonderland’s facebook page, here is a link showing what it looks like:


For Knoebels, they have suffered a little bit more. The water covered most of the park in a short amount of time, lifted up concrete and threw dirt and muck everywhere. In their photo album, some of the striking ones are of the Ole Smokey train being covered in debris and sitting on it’s side, the M&G Carousel band organ and horses being moved about, Debris covering the Haunted Mansion and more. These photos are really hard to look at…

Finally, Hersheypark, which pretty much suffered just as much as Knoebels. The water rose just as fast as at Knoebels and claiming the life of one of ZooAmerica’s bison resulting in the other one having to be euthanized. I want to note that Keystone Thrills supports their decision and that any personal attack on them on the blog or forums will be removed. You can read the press release with the Q/A here:


Since Keystone Thrills is centrally located in Hershey Pa. (we are not affiliated to the park, by the way), keeping track on what has been happening at the park and town has been easy. I stopped by on Wednesday (just before the major downpour) to check the Skyrush construction (you can see those photos in the last construction update). By the evening, video was posted taken from the bridge on Park Blvd. showing Spring Creek starting to lap over the top of it: (https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150282403981854)

By now, it is hard to imagine what it looked like inside the park, but the photos taken by Hersheypark on their facebook page and pretty much give you an idea on how bad it was, but one thing is for sure, the water was up to Great Bear’s track in the area before the Immelmann.


Today (9/9/11) we were able to journey out to Park Ave. and Park Blvd. to see an extent on the damage and here is what was seen…

Remember to follow the Keystone Thrills facebook page to find out what’s happening at these parks. We wish them the best on the clean-up process and recovery.


3 thoughts on “Hersheypark, Dutch Wonderland, and Knoebels: The Flood of 2011 (9/9/11)

  1. As a minor update: Hersheypark is closed this Saturday and Sunday, but a private group has rented out part of the park for Monday, so non-management will (possibly) be able to get their first looks at the inside of the park then.

    No ideas what parts of the park will be open though.

  2. Hopefully, Hersheypark will get back to normal as soon as possible. I also support the decisions that had to made in regards to the bison in ZooAmerica. Fortunately the flood waters have decipated fairly quickly and I’m sure the park is working very hard at cleaning, repairing and whatever else is necessary to return this wonderful family amusement place to the employees and their guests.

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