Hersheypark Skyrush Update #43 (9/26/11)

Well folks, that’s it for the Summer 2011 season. Let’s check out Skyrush shall we?

To start it off, let’s check on our track crop.

My, has it grown…

The amount of pieces has doubled since the last update.

The one next to the yellow I-beams looks tastey.

That piece is the shortest one so far. Pretty much half the size of the others.

Cable lift pulleys! The blue piece in front of it looks like a piece for the transfer section behind the station.

It’s fun guessing what the pieces are going to be for.

Mmm… Hello Intimidator 305.

More of these yellow I-beams have shown up. I am really starting to see these being a part of the support framework for the lift hill. Still no lift hill track though.

See the last piece in the row? That’s a transitional piece going from a single spine into brake/station track.

More I-beams.

I want to say that a good part of the ride seems be here from what it looks like.

Ok, I’m totally lost on what this could be.

Time to move over to the construction site and see what’s been going on.

Looks like they’re ready to add a new piping system.

They pretty much travel from the construction entrance up to the Comet.

They were in the process of pumping out the low areas. They have managed to get the creek flowing through the piping from before and seem to be close to getting back to normal.

These look like the only new ones so far this week.

The footers for this turn look like they are just about done.

I am really excited for the new path going along the creek over there.

Another construction fence was taken down. The only one now left is the one closest to the construction entrance.

The creek has been fixed.

Quick update on the Tilt-A-Whirl construction site. I don’t have photos, but half of the Comet Hollow Games building has been torn down and the railings for the old queue are now gone. The restrooms have been closed, but the temporary ones on the trailor from Tudor Square last week have been moved down there to take their place.

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6 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Update #43 (9/26/11)

  1. Remember, the Hollow games being torn down and restrooms being closed is happening prematurely. This wasn’t supposed to happen until November. But, the flood destroyed the games, and the bathrooms were a wreck. Easier to take them out now than later. Plus, with delays to the creek proper, might as well xcellerate the Hollow proper work.

    • Not true. Tilt-A-Whirl closed down after Labor Day and the first weekend after reopening from the storm, the Hollow restrooms were open. The restrooms only closed down this past weekend, but the games building has been closed ever since.

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