Hersheypark Skyrush Update #45 &46 (10-10 & 10-12-11)

Since you guys have been very patient for another update, I will be giving you guys two! Let’s get started!

By this time the track storage area looks no different than last week.

Could this be the catch-car for the cable lift hill?

Lift hill pieces. You can tell from the brackets on the side for the catwalk.

This track keeps getting curvier the more I see it.

This is a rare piece for this layout.

Using the Kissing Tower, Great Bear and Storm Runner as comparison points, this is kind of an estimated idea on what the skyline may look like with Skyrush. It looks like it maybe as visible as the tower.

Back at Ground Zero for construction, it looks like they are about to build the footers that are under Comet’s turnaround.

Vertical construction really doesn’t look too far off.

The creek is now going through these pipes to releave the stress on the ones running under the construction site.

They’re working their way down the hillside. It’s almost to the point where they may need to start focusing on the area next to the pump building.

The second lift hill footer is starting to take shape.

It’s good to see the creek blocked off again.

Hopefully this pipe will help them out.

Just about done!

At least it doesn’t look like a lake anymore.

Dig!!! 😛

Going off-topic for a little, They seem to be almost finished converting HP Memories into a Christmas Shop.

Tis’ the Season.

The images are new.

Peeking into Rhineland, they have set up some temporary outdoor shops. Looks like the buildings won’t be opening up soon?

They’ve gutted the ticket booths.

Hersheypark in the Dark starts on Friday. What new discoveries will we find in Comet Hollow??? Find out this weekend! Now back to Skyrush!

The next group of photos were taken today (10-12-11) at the track storage area from the Hershey Gardens parking lot.

The lift track has arrived!

Let’s see, I spy the lift support, a possible piece for the first drop, and top piece for the lift hill. Looks like the catch car will travel under the track similar to Expedition Ge-Force at Holiday Park in Germany.

Here’s a closer look.

I doodled this in so it would be easier to picture how steep this lift hill will be.

The train will be going from right-to-left on this track section. That’s 50 degrees folks!

So far it’s seeming very likely that these are for the lift under the track. I have a feeling that when everything is done, the lift will look different from Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion.


I wonder what’s going to be attached to those rectangular boxes?

More station or brake-run pieces?
More pulleys for the lift hill cable.
I can never get tired of looking at this photo.
Just think, these pieces will be placed around 200 feet into the air.
Through the fence!
That’s it until this weekend (unless many more track pieces show up before then). Thanks for reading!



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