Hersheypark SkyRush Update #54 (11-28-11)

Here is an update from Monday. Not much was going on that day at the construction site.

Pieces for the framework of the lift hill. This should give you a good idea on how the track could connect to the framework.

It kind of looks like the pieces are bolted together, but it’s hard to tell.

Loaded up and ready to be installed.

Lift support pieces.

I think we have the whole lift hill in the field.

The top pieces are here.

Footer nuts. 😛

Unfortunately the site was still flooded.


There was still several inches of water flowing through the site on Monday.

The basket looks to be for getting workers on to the lift and installing the pieces. If this is on-site, then it probably shouldn’t be long until we see the lift go up, I would think.

This was the only support that looks to have made any contact with the footers. It doesn’t look too bad.

The one to the left looks to be for the top of the half-finished support for the overbanked turn.

Since you can never have too many track photos. 😛

That trench you see in the center looks to be for the new wall that will go along the creek.

Hopefully that piece is still useable so that this one can be capped off.

And that’s, from start to finish, how a coaster footer is made.

Looks to be around 40 feet tall.


Here’s a good start, the base support for the lift is in!

Double-beamed, similar to I-305’s

More piping going on at the concrete boxes.

Looks like these are next.

Footerwork  seems to be nearing it’s end on the opposite side of the creek.

Once these are done, then the only ones left to do are the two where Clifford (the crane) is, and the several near the construction site entrance, and the ones near the station, turnaround, and Founder’s Circle stretch.

Now to just stop the creek from entering the construction site…

There’s now a series of pipes running from the concrete boxes to the foundation.

The very base of the lift hill/ station footer.

The footers in the station are going in.

The ones for the brake run are starting to get developed.

They were all over there working.

I promise that this is the last set of track photos that I’ll take until more are added.

Very beefy.

Hopefully there’s enough clearance for the trains to fit. (Matt, I believe that you might be sitting on this side of the train). 😛

The concrete wall that will surround the lake.

That’s it for this update. Today’s will be coming soon!


Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #54 (11-24-11)

I apalogize with the lack of updates recently (been very busy with work and school), but here is an update I managed to do on Thanksgiving. The downside was that the day before, we seem to have recieved a massive amount of rain. It wasn’t as much as Lee, but it did manage to flood the construction site again.

This update doesn’t have any photos of the staging area (Hershey Gardens was closed), so this is going to be mostly of the construction site.

Footers are starting to go up on the Comet side of the creek.

Not good…

Definately not good…

Luckly some of the supports were saved…

But it looks like Skyrush wanted to go swimming.

A long trench has appeared and it looks to be possibly the wall that will run along side the creek (like what used to be there).

The one on the left looks to be the top part of the overbanked turn that needs to be installed…

…right here.

Can’t wait to see track go up on this section.

Looks like Clifford (the crane) has escaped the water.

On the brightside, we get another taste on what the area might look like once it’s finished.

More piping going in.

Something seems to be hiding behind the motor bracket…

Rebar has gone in over at the turn that will go over Comet.

And more rebar has gone up at the station site.

That’s it for this update. Monday’s update should be coming up later! 😉

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #53 (11-20-11)

…And some track is now up! 🙂

So far Skyrush is a very visible coaster from outside the park.

Some goldenrod is in the construction site now.

We’ll get back to this.

Supports for the overbanked curve are going in.


Hopefully the track is going to be steeply banked in this turn.

So bright that I might need sunglasses to look at it. 😛

Section 11…

…meet Section 10.

Skyrush or I-305? Which looks better?

That outer seat is going to be insane…

Skyrush might need a bath.

There seems to be a new building going in.

The converter has arrived.

Even more piping.

Intamin washers. I think we might see a support go here pretty soon.

Close-up of the concrete boxes.

One of the things that wasn’t show on the renderings and animations is how it interacts with the trees and hillside.

Inside the park, we can get a better view of the track.

Much more to see at the preview spot in Rhineland.

They seem to be covering the footers and future supports in this area for some reason. Explains why they haven’t added rockwork to this wall yet.

Let’s check out the Hollow.

Looks like they’re ready for footerwork inside the center of Comet’s station.

Much of the work for the station and brake-run area can be perfectly seen from Skyview.

The footer for the base of the lift and finishing up soon. Some station and brake-run footers are going up.

Judgine from their height and from the supports, I think the loading platform might be 15 to 20 feet in the air.

The marking in Comet’s queue are back.

From the Kissing Tower, you can see the complete construction area.

Even for 80 feet, that first airtime hill looks huge.

The supports are easily seen from Founder’s Circle.

Kind of reminds me of a Skyride support. More photos later this week! Have a good Thanksgiving!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #53 (11-18 to 11-19-11)

As I am pretty much scrambling on trying to keep up with the construction at this point, we are now on day 3 of vertical construction. Hersheypark Christmas Candylane has begun and we are now starting to get a glimpse at what the layout of the new Comet Hollow is going to look and feel like.


Considering the spots on where the cross-bracing are going to connect, I think its safe to assume that we’re looking at the lift hill supports.

Should be soon that they’ll be on the construction site.

Interesting…. the crane is in the track section of the staging area…

What a difference a day makes.

Skyrush is now approximately 60 feet tall.

They have a good section of it done.


Footer work is still continuing.

These are almost done.


This should give you an idea on how close to the ground you’ll be. The first airtime hill is expected to be 80 feet , which means it’s going either have serious ejecter or floater airtime.



Loving the look of this turn.

Imagine what the track will look like around this turn…

I wonder what those strange looking concrete boxes are?

Footers for the turn over the Comet are taking shape.

The trench leads from the concrete pad to the boxes. Plus there’s piping???

Now the first lift hill footer is done.

Let’s head into the park.

I wonder what’s going on there?

There will be a path here in a few months.

Rode Scrambler and took a peek looking through the fence. On the Comet exit side of the ride, these footers are going in.

On the other side, some finished footers.

In the Hollow, Comet’s queue line has been fenced off.

Say hello to Looper Games’ new location.

The midway is bigger now the slushy stand and other building are gone.

Here’s kind of a new vantage point of Comet’s station (taken in the middle of where the other buildings were.


Want to ride Comet? 😛

Footer work has started for the brake run.

Should see more going up soon.

This is where the support system under the lift hill is going to connect.

They still have a lamppost from TIlt-A-Whirl’s queue up.

Nice Touch. 😛

Another footer from Founder’s Circle.

Skyview is going to be the spot to view the construction now that Comet is closed for the season.

Comet Hollow looks more open now.

Hopefully I’ll get better photos of this area on Sunday.

Today, I got some word that track is finally being added.

And indeed it was true.

Base of the first drop: Done!

That edge seat looks like it’s really going to be interesting being that close to the ground!

Tomorrow is the Keystone Thrills Winter Meet-up and I’ll try to get better daytime photos of the construction areas. I am going to figure out a schedule to do updates so they’re not daily. Enjoy!

Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #52 (11-17-11) First Set of Vertical Supports!

Alright guys, are you ready to witness the next chapter of the construction of a roller coaster? Time for supports and track to be added to the mix!

I met up with Roy and we both checked out the construction site. No-lie, right as we were walking by this, all of the lights for Tudor Square came on! Creepy.

Ah, but this is what we came to see. Looks like the Rush is starting to take to the Sky, so to speak.

Curse you, Daylight Savings Time! Time for the Nightvision!

Let the fun begin!

Support for either the overbanked turn or going into the first airtime hill.

Nightvision off.

This is going to be seriously close to the ground…


There, right there, is the bottom of the first drop! It looks to be around to be banked at a 55 to 60 degree angle.


You can picture how the track is going to curve down the drop from this picture.

It’s going to be twisty. 😛


Those concrete boxes are new and are a mystery. There’s a trench leading from the new foundation on top of the hill to these boxes. Also, something else seems to be going in behind it

Sorry for the poor quality of pics, but don’t depair! I will be back over at the park tomorrow night for Candylane and will be trying to get better photos. This is only a taste of what’s to come!

Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #51 (11-9 to 11-11-11)

After having problems with WordPress deleting part of my posts, here is the latest update. It covers the crane being put together as well as being erected in the air.


Ironically, to put together a crane, you need a crane. This one looks to be around 60 feet tall, but it’s very visible from the hill.

Good sign.

This week, the catwalk for the lift hill have shown up…

As well as some more random odds-and-ends.

More beams for the lift hill.

In other news, the Christmas tree is up on top of the Kissing Tower.

Looks like the rebar for one of the lift footers.

There she is. They had to take apart some of the fencing at the construction entrance to get it in here.

The crane takes up most of the construction area.

You can see where the new path is going to go if you look closely.

Not much is happening over at the motor bracket.

This is how they get concrete to those hard to reach areas.

Besides the Christmas Lighting Show going in, does anything look different?

The Comet Hollow Games building was moved and according to the rendering, this looks to be it’s permanent home.

More work going on with the Rhineland-Hollow path.


You can see where they temporarily stopped on the new path.

The piping system along the fence is gone.

Lower Rhineland looks to be getting back on it’s feet.

Let’s briefly check out the progress on Christmas Candylane.

Feels very festive so far.

Looks like the hired help has done a good job.

Christmas Candylane opens this Friday night.

By Friday, the crne has risen and is now very visible around Hershey (I can even see it from Keystone Thrills HQ).

It is 250 feet tall so pretty much if you can see a good portion of the top of the crane, you’d be able to see SkyRush from the spot.

Yep, you’ll see it great from here…

…and here…

…and even here. Looks like we might have a great view of it from Tram Circle then.

It’s one thing to compare the height of it to the Comet from the computer rendering, but it’s another to do it in real-life! This is going to be really interesting to watch them build.

I wonder what they’re going to do with the benches?

Makes Comet look like a child’s toy.

According to Hersheypark PR’s Twitter page, vertical collumns might start going up this-coming week.

A crane named Al…

They’re digging a trench from the mechanical building down the hillside. Must be utility work I guess.

Ready for concrete, then let the fun begin.

The old foundation for the games building was torn up.

Footerwork must be happening on the maintenance path behind Founder’s Circle.

Finally, the progress map.

I hope to get another update this Wednesday and possibly another one this Friday (if my camera can take good pictures in the dark). Next Sunday is the first of two of our website get-togethers for Christmas Candylane.

See ya!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #50 (First Vertical Construction! 11-4-11)

It’s amazing what 4 days can do.There’s a lot of things to cover, so lets get started!

Our 200+ foot crane has arrived to build the lift hill.

More pieces for the lift hill have arrived. I am willing to bet that the angled piece is the one to connect the frame that travels under the track on the lift to the ground.

So many brackets to link things together.

The unloading crane.

Let’s head over to the construction site for a real treat.

I spy something blue.

Footer work for under the Comet is underway.

Other than that, one more footer still needs to be added in this photo.

The finished footers are having their bases covered with dirt.

The ones behind Hospitality Services are done.

Several footers still need to be made in this picture.

Once the concrete cures, the footers for the first airtime hill will be completed.

The footers leading to the turn over Comet are starting to be dug.

But here’s the main point of the update.

The mounting for the lift motor has been added.

Intamin tape… Yum.

Time to take to the skies.

The next few weeks should be interesting.

The Lift hill Footer 1 seems to be making progress.

Looper Games is gone. WHat’s strange is that the spot looks too prefectly clean for it to be torn down. I wonder where it disappeared to???

Granny Bugs has been moved to it’s winter home.

This will be my first and last support area update. This is because that I had to stand up close to a busy roadway to get the pictures.


There were a lot of turn pieces.

Station pieces.

Collumn 107?

I have no clue about these.

Eh, yeah.

Collumn 103?

Collumns for 31A?

Collumn 22 Left A?

Nothing but more turn supports down there. There are more, but I really don’t feeling like walking along Hersheypark Drive.

The footers for the final stretch seem to be ready to go in.

Too bad I can’t get a better view of the station area.

See you next week!