Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #49 (10-31-11)

Greetings, all you goblins and witches. Tis the time of our weekly look at Skyrush and I surely guarentee you that you’ll be quivering in fear…er… excitement.

Look a what was dusted off and brought back from the past. The last time it was seen, it was on display at the Hersheypark Exhibit in the Hershey Museum. It’s been nearly a decade since it was last officially used. It’s good to see it back and I’m interested in seeing what it will be used for Spring and Summer.

It’s been no more than 14 or 15 hours since the closing of Hersheypark in the Dark and they already have the Candylane banners and are currently hooking up lights for the trees. They are wasting no time at all.

Ah, here’s why. 😛

The rare snowstorm doesn’t seem to have slowed down the construction crews.

I think they can start adding this footer.


Not much new from this shot.

…or this shot.

On the maintenance path behind Comet, work is already moving along on the footers with the unground portions already being finished on one or two. It’s hard to tell how the station area looks like.

The last set of footers has already been started.

Is it me or does it seem like the ground along the hillside has been smoothed out?

There’s not many left to do in the main ride area.

That’s some pretty big rebar.

…which is for this.

From what it looks like, they are going to fill that entire section in with concrete.

Here are several scenarios on what I could see them doing on when this coaster will be going vertical:

A. They finish the lift hill footers and first build the lift hill and first drop. This would get the highest point of the ride out of the way for

 the winter, which the temps will be colder higher up.

B.The footers for the main ride area gets finished and work starts here at a random place.

C. All the footers get finished and vertical construction begins.

It’s still hard to see what the station area looks like, but once vertical construction happens, it should be easier to see.

Underground work for the first lift footer is still progressing.

In other news, Soopersooperlooper is supposed to be getting new trains and magnetic brakes for next year.

See ya later Old Schwartzy trains. 😛

To make up for this weekend’s lack of updates, I plan on doing another update later this week.

Lighting Displays?

Snow and bamboo don’t mix, it seems.

More later this week!

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5 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #49 (10-31-11)

  1. Pingback: Anonymous

  2. I heard somewhere that the statiion was going to be themed to railways. Mabye that is what the train will be used for in the future????

  3. great job on the photo updates…the whole idea of a ‘railroad depot’ theme for the loading station sounds like a great idea…plus new trains for the SDL…”Comet Hollow” is in for what seems to be a long overdue makeover!

  4. Agreed the new path will be amazing along with the slight remake of skyrush station area, cant wait to see what this all looks like next spring!

  5. and thanks for the extensive updates, I cant honestly explain how appreciative I am of you for your updates, thanks a million for helping us roller coaster fans around the world!

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