Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #50 (First Vertical Construction! 11-4-11)

It’s amazing what 4 days can do.There’s a lot of things to cover, so lets get started!

Our 200+ foot crane has arrived to build the lift hill.

More pieces for the lift hill have arrived. I am willing to bet that the angled piece is the one to connect the frame that travels under the track on the lift to the ground.

So many brackets to link things together.

The unloading crane.

Let’s head over to the construction site for a real treat.

I spy something blue.

Footer work for under the Comet is underway.

Other than that, one more footer still needs to be added in this photo.

The finished footers are having their bases covered with dirt.

The ones behind Hospitality Services are done.

Several footers still need to be made in this picture.

Once the concrete cures, the footers for the first airtime hill will be completed.

The footers leading to the turn over Comet are starting to be dug.

But here’s the main point of the update.

The mounting for the lift motor has been added.

Intamin tape… Yum.

Time to take to the skies.

The next few weeks should be interesting.

The Lift hill Footer 1 seems to be making progress.

Looper Games is gone. WHat’s strange is that the spot looks too prefectly clean for it to be torn down. I wonder where it disappeared to???

Granny Bugs has been moved to it’s winter home.

This will be my first and last support area update. This is because that I had to stand up close to a busy roadway to get the pictures.


There were a lot of turn pieces.

Station pieces.

Collumn 107?

I have no clue about these.

Eh, yeah.

Collumn 103?

Collumns for 31A?

Collumn 22 Left A?

Nothing but more turn supports down there. There are more, but I really don’t feeling like walking along Hersheypark Drive.

The footers for the final stretch seem to be ready to go in.

Too bad I can’t get a better view of the station area.

See you next week!


7 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #50 (First Vertical Construction! 11-4-11)

  1. To your comment about how clean the hollow is around the games area. The building was trucked out of the hollow, I know this because a friend shared a photo of it on the trailer on facebook.

    To add to the last update, that train is set up on the parking lot exit roadway by the stadium, it seemed like some people didn’t know the location of it.

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  4. Hersheypark posted pics of the crane on Facebook, it has been assembled. They say it is 250 ft tall and will be here until February.

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