Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #51 (11-9 to 11-11-11)

After having problems with WordPress deleting part of my posts, here is the latest update. It covers the crane being put together as well as being erected in the air.


Ironically, to put together a crane, you need a crane. This one looks to be around 60 feet tall, but it’s very visible from the hill.

Good sign.

This week, the catwalk for the lift hill have shown up…

As well as some more random odds-and-ends.

More beams for the lift hill.

In other news, the Christmas tree is up on top of the Kissing Tower.

Looks like the rebar for one of the lift footers.

There she is. They had to take apart some of the fencing at the construction entrance to get it in here.

The crane takes up most of the construction area.

You can see where the new path is going to go if you look closely.

Not much is happening over at the motor bracket.

This is how they get concrete to those hard to reach areas.

Besides the Christmas Lighting Show going in, does anything look different?

The Comet Hollow Games building was moved and according to the rendering, this looks to be it’s permanent home.

More work going on with the Rhineland-Hollow path.


You can see where they temporarily stopped on the new path.

The piping system along the fence is gone.

Lower Rhineland looks to be getting back on it’s feet.

Let’s briefly check out the progress on Christmas Candylane.

Feels very festive so far.

Looks like the hired help has done a good job.

Christmas Candylane opens this Friday night.

By Friday, the crne has risen and is now very visible around Hershey (I can even see it from Keystone Thrills HQ).

It is 250 feet tall so pretty much if you can see a good portion of the top of the crane, you’d be able to see SkyRush from the spot.

Yep, you’ll see it great from here…

…and here…

…and even here. Looks like we might have a great view of it from Tram Circle then.

It’s one thing to compare the height of it to the CometĀ from the computer rendering, but it’s another to do it in real-life! This is going to be really interesting to watch them build.

I wonder what they’re going to do with the benches?

Makes Comet look like a child’s toy.

According to Hersheypark PR’s Twitter page, vertical collumns might start going up this-coming week.

A crane named Al…

They’re digging a trench from the mechanical building down the hillside. Must be utility work I guess.

Ready for concrete, then let the fun begin.

The old foundation for the games building was torn up.

Footerwork must be happening on the maintenance path behind Founder’s Circle.

Finally, the progress map.

I hope to get another update this Wednesday and possibly another one this Friday (if my camera can take good pictures in the dark). Next Sunday is the first of two of our website get-togethers for Christmas Candylane.

See ya!


5 thoughts on “Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #51 (11-9 to 11-11-11)

  1. Two things:

    1. I’ll bet they are using those benshes foe the footpath

    2. Do you think it will be open when I go July 24th or 25th?

    • I could see then doing a refurbishment on the benches, I mean, they could’ve ended up in the garbage when they were taken out last Spring. They do seem to be in a state that they could be fixed up and placing them along the new path would help bring back the old feel along with the fountain.
      So far nothing has been said about the opening day being moved anywhere.

  2. Pingback: Anonymous

  3. thanks for the update photos…seems that despite the weather things are really moving along for an on-time opening….can’t wait to see some renderings of the loading station, que line and landscaping that will connect the rhineland and hollow areas

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