Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #53 (11-18 to 11-19-11)

As I am pretty much scrambling on trying to keep up with the construction at this point, we are now on day 3 of vertical construction. Hersheypark Christmas Candylane has begun and we are now starting to get a glimpse at what the layout of the new Comet Hollow is going to look and feel like.


Considering the spots on where the cross-bracing are going to connect, I think its safe to assume that we’re looking at the lift hill supports.

Should be soon that they’ll be on the construction site.

Interesting…. the crane is in the track section of the staging area…

What a difference a day makes.

Skyrush is now approximately 60 feet tall.

They have a good section of it done.


Footer work is still continuing.

These are almost done.


This should give you an idea on how close to the ground you’ll be. The first airtime hill is expected to be 80 feet , which means it’s going either have serious ejecter or floater airtime.



Loving the look of this turn.

Imagine what the track will look like around this turn…

I wonder what those strange looking concrete boxes are?

Footers for the turn over the Comet are taking shape.

The trench leads from the concrete pad to the boxes. Plus there’s piping???

Now the first lift hill footer is done.

Let’s head into the park.

I wonder what’s going on there?

There will be a path here in a few months.

Rode Scrambler and took a peek looking through the fence. On the Comet exit side of the ride, these footers are going in.

On the other side, some finished footers.

In the Hollow, Comet’s queue line has been fenced off.

Say hello to Looper Games’ new location.

The midway is bigger now the slushy stand and other building are gone.

Here’s kind of a new vantage point of Comet’s station (taken in the middle of where the other buildings were.


Want to ride Comet? 😛

Footer work has started for the brake run.

Should see more going up soon.

This is where the support system under the lift hill is going to connect.

They still have a lamppost from TIlt-A-Whirl’s queue up.

Nice Touch. 😛

Another footer from Founder’s Circle.

Skyview is going to be the spot to view the construction now that Comet is closed for the season.

Comet Hollow looks more open now.

Hopefully I’ll get better photos of this area on Sunday.

Today, I got some word that track is finally being added.

And indeed it was true.

Base of the first drop: Done!

That edge seat looks like it’s really going to be interesting being that close to the ground!

Tomorrow is the Keystone Thrills Winter Meet-up and I’ll try to get better daytime photos of the construction areas. I am going to figure out a schedule to do updates so they’re not daily. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #53 (11-18 to 11-19-11)

  1. That track look sooo good next to the rock!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    They must have to dig a little at that turn. There isn't enough clearence for the outside seat.

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