Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #53 (11-20-11)

…And some track is now up! 🙂

So far Skyrush is a very visible coaster from outside the park.

Some goldenrod is in the construction site now.

We’ll get back to this.

Supports for the overbanked curve are going in.


Hopefully the track is going to be steeply banked in this turn.

So bright that I might need sunglasses to look at it. 😛

Section 11…

…meet Section 10.

Skyrush or I-305? Which looks better?

That outer seat is going to be insane…

Skyrush might need a bath.

There seems to be a new building going in.

The converter has arrived.

Even more piping.

Intamin washers. I think we might see a support go here pretty soon.

Close-up of the concrete boxes.

One of the things that wasn’t show on the renderings and animations is how it interacts with the trees and hillside.

Inside the park, we can get a better view of the track.

Much more to see at the preview spot in Rhineland.

They seem to be covering the footers and future supports in this area for some reason. Explains why they haven’t added rockwork to this wall yet.

Let’s check out the Hollow.

Looks like they’re ready for footerwork inside the center of Comet’s station.

Much of the work for the station and brake-run area can be perfectly seen from Skyview.

The footer for the base of the lift and finishing up soon. Some station and brake-run footers are going up.

Judgine from their height and from the supports, I think the loading platform might be 15 to 20 feet in the air.

The marking in Comet’s queue are back.

From the Kissing Tower, you can see the complete construction area.

Even for 80 feet, that first airtime hill looks huge.

The supports are easily seen from Founder’s Circle.

Kind of reminds me of a Skyride support. More photos later this week! Have a good Thanksgiving!


12 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #53 (11-20-11)

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    • Relax don’t be so obsessed with it, know what? Matter fact how bout every end of each month you should check things out so this way you know what they worked on all of that month so in the end you look forward to see what they done, or come saturday May 26th memorial day weekend and see what it looks like when it’s completely finished!!! That’s a cool deal:)

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