Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #54 (11-24-11)

I apalogize with the lack of updates recently (been very busy with work and school), but here is an update I managed to do on Thanksgiving. The downside was that the day before, we seem to have recieved a massive amount of rain. It wasn’t as much as Lee, but it did manage to flood the construction site again.

This update doesn’t have any photos of the staging area (Hershey Gardens was closed), so this is going to be mostly of the construction site.

Footers are starting to go up on the Comet side of the creek.

Not good…

Definately not good…

Luckly some of the supports were saved…

But it looks like Skyrush wanted to go swimming.

A long trench has appeared and it looks to be possibly the wall that will run along side the creek (like what used to be there).

The one on the left looks to be the top part of the overbanked turn that needs to be installed…

…right here.

Can’t wait to see track go up on this section.

Looks like Clifford (the crane) has escaped the water.

On the brightside, we get another taste on what the area might look like once it’s finished.

More piping going in.

Something seems to be hiding behind the motor bracket…

Rebar has gone in over at the turn that will go over Comet.

And more rebar has gone up at the station site.

That’s it for this update. Monday’s update should be coming up later! 😉


5 thoughts on “Hersheypark SkyRush Construction Update #54 (11-24-11)

  1. Pingback: Anonymous

    • I agree with Mike, there’s better things that you could do instead of checking the website every single hour. From now on, could everyone stop asking on when the next update will be? Thank you.

  2. You’ve got to be a little concerned about the integrity of the footers with this constant water flow and water flow and damage during construction.

  3. i appreciate any updates and more than understand about being busy….everbody needs to be patient. i imagine things will be going vertical sooner rather than later. some friends and i are planning to go to xmas candylane soon, so will try to take in as much as possible. is it true (or just a rumor) that the comet loading station will be getting a do-over?

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