Hersheypark SkyRush Update #54 (11-28-11)

Here is an update from Monday. Not much was going on that day at the construction site.

Pieces for the framework of the lift hill. This should give you a good idea on how the track could connect to the framework.

It kind of looks like the pieces are bolted together, but it’s hard to tell.

Loaded up and ready to be installed.

Lift support pieces.

I think we have the whole lift hill in the field.

The top pieces are here.

Footer nuts. 😛

Unfortunately the site was still flooded.


There was still several inches of water flowing through the site on Monday.

The basket looks to be for getting workers on to the lift and installing the pieces. If this is on-site, then it probably shouldn’t be long until we see the lift go up, I would think.

This was the only support that looks to have made any contact with the footers. It doesn’t look too bad.

The one to the left looks to be for the top of the half-finished support for the overbanked turn.

Since you can never have too many track photos. 😛

That trench you see in the center looks to be for the new wall that will go along the creek.

Hopefully that piece is still useable so that this one can be capped off.

And that’s, from start to finish, how a coaster footer is made.

Looks to be around 40 feet tall.


Here’s a good start, the base support for the lift is in!

Double-beamed, similar to I-305’s

More piping going on at the concrete boxes.

Looks like these are next.

Footerwork  seems to be nearing it’s end on the opposite side of the creek.

Once these are done, then the only ones left to do are the two where Clifford (the crane) is, and the several near the construction site entrance, and the ones near the station, turnaround, and Founder’s Circle stretch.

Now to just stop the creek from entering the construction site…

There’s now a series of pipes running from the concrete boxes to the foundation.

The very base of the lift hill/ station footer.

The footers in the station are going in.

The ones for the brake run are starting to get developed.

They were all over there working.

I promise that this is the last set of track photos that I’ll take until more are added.

Very beefy.

Hopefully there’s enough clearance for the trains to fit. (Matt, I believe that you might be sitting on this side of the train). 😛

The concrete wall that will surround the lake.

That’s it for this update. Today’s will be coming soon!


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