Hersheypark Skyrush Update #65 (12-28-11)

Very windy day at the construction site. Let’s see what’s going on this week.

It rained heavily last night and as a result, the construction site flooded again.

But that didn’t put a damper on the work! 🙂

That was a close one.

Since our last update, more track has been added and we now have a 90 degree turn going over Comet.

The last lift hill support is starting to go up.

Here’s a close-up at how it’s assembled.

This one should be as tall as or almost as tall as the other support.

It’s almost as beautiful as the Stengel dive.

More work is being done to the eletrical room and converters.

Right now the support is about half as tall as Comet’s first drop (around 40 feet tall).

I’d say in two weeks, we might have a complete lift hill.


The piping has been covered back up.

At the station, the wall has been covered and scaffolding has gone up.

Most, if not all the footers on the brake run look finished.

Is it me or does the lift support look like it’s on a slight angle?

At the station a lot of piping is in and what looks like an elevator shaft is starting to go up.

I wonder what the queue for Comet will look like?

Guidewires have been added to the first drop to secure it better.

This and the next photo was taken earlier today by Kirk Sponaugle. You can see that the construction crew is willing to work in just about anything!


This was put up in a matter of yesterday and today. If given the good weather, we might hopefully see the support done by later this week.


That it for this update. Expect another coming this Friday with one last look at the station area for the season.


Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #64 (12-22-11)

After almost a week of  doing a daytime update, it looks pretty different from the last time I was out there. Quite a bit of the track has been put up so lets see what’s new.

I see quite a bit of gold through the trees now.

The last of the construction fences has come down along Park Blvd and much of the hillside has been filled in.

That is one hot piece of track.

I can really see most of the ride being together by February.

Here’s a closer look at that piece of hotness.

Nevermind that, something awesome has gone in over the last few days.

The ending of the second-to-last airtime hill track! Which means….

I spy some airtime!!

Some more supports have gone in as well.

A few updates ago, you’ll probably remember seeing a photo with a crane on one of the supports. Well, that dang bird has returned.

I think we can consider that yellow bar a sensor mount.

If you are going around at least 35 mph over that hill, I’m sure you’re going to get some airtime. If it’s 50mph, then you’ll be getting some extreme airtime.

You might get more airtime off of that curved airtime hill considering it looks like it’s going to be lower than the last one.

Shouldn’t be long now.

With the fence gone, you can see quite a bit more.

He’ll probably will be back in a future update.

The track looks like it’s going to come so low to the path.

Cool new funky supports.

Here’s a close-up of that sensor bar.

Here we go again… 🙂

Can’t wait to see the cross-over go in.

Look Ma! No supports!

This is probably for the curved airtime hill.

I personally find this part of the ride is going to be fairly interesting. It looks like the track is going to do a 90 degree (or slightly more) turn over Comet.


Even more yummy.

Looks like there might be another headchopper effect for Comet.

This is a great example on how the Intamin double-spine system seems to eliminate the need for quite a few supports. Only two or three are needed to hold up the airtime hill.


The piping for the wires for the electrical room.

Quite a bit of work over at the station is being done.

The base pieces to mount the lift hill beam has been added.

As for the station…

It seems like the base is mostly in as well as the piping.

On the transfer-side, one of the walls is about to go up. This is going to be a tall loading station from the looks of it.

For some reason I like the look of this.

This path is going to look great with Skyrush above it when it’s finished.

An that’s it.

I plan on heading back over tomorrow to see if they started building the last lift hill support so there might be one more update until Christmas.

See ya!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction: Comet Hollow (Before)

Thanks to Matt Meckley, lets take a took at what Comet Hollow looked like before construction on Skyrush began. Once it opens, we will then feature a before and after look at this area.

Here is what Comet Hollow’s midway used to look like before Labor Day. you can see part of the Tilt-A-Whirl off to the lift, Looper Games and the Whack-A-Mole stand in the center, and the Wave Swinger is off to the right out of the picture.

To the right is the Sooperdooperlooper Sandwich Shop.

The Whack-A-Mole stand with some of the Keystone Thrills crew standing next to it. 🙂

One of the buildings to go were the Restrooms building.

Tilt-A-Whirl, while it was removed, is scheduled to return next year at Tiny Tracks’s location.

Here’s a cool fact. The Tilt-A-Whirl used to be located in Founder’s Circle since the 1980s until 1994 when it was moved to Rotor’s old spot to make room for Tiny Tracks.

The queue area. This used to get filled on those very busy Saturdays.

Next year, it will be the site of Skyrush’s station and queue area.

Here’s the other part of the queue.

Next year, the restrooms will be under the station.

There has been photographic proof of these restrooms being here since the 1970’s and there has been talk of them even being here since the 1950s.

You can also see the Nut Hut in this photo. It was located here until it was damaged in the Tropical Storm in September. it’s unknown yet if it will be returning or not.

Here’s a view of Looper Games’s back side.

There’s been talk of a possible renovation to Comet’s station.

Here’s the exit ramp for the Comet. This section will house two or three footers for Skyrush.

Comet’s queue area before construction.

Here’s a look at Comet before construction began in this area.

Here’s a picture of the old site for the Paddleboats.

This will be a path that will go under Skyrush next year.

Here’s a look at the station area from the Carrousel.

It is unknown if these games are going to return next to Looper. They’re still standing so it’s quite possible.

This section of Looper Games has been moved across the midway next to Wave Swinger’s entrance.

The smell from the Nut Hut used to cover Comet Hollow. It was heavenly and always made me hungry!

Here is Tilt-A-Whirl’s ride height entrance sign.

 We hope you enjoyed this nostalgic look back at Comet Hollow!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #63 (12-19-11)

Hey guys, this update is a little different than usual. Unfortunately was unable to do today’s normal update, but thanks to my friends Harry, Matt, and Walter this update was able to continue on as scheduled. Thanks guys!

The Stengel Dive is finished!

That is one hell of a transition!

I can believe we missed this and thought it was an ordinary hill. It kind of took us by suprise.

Just doing some random tightening of the bolts for the lift I guess.

The brackets that will connect the lift hill to the large concrete block have been delivered.

The supports for the turn over Comet have been added. It’s hard to tell how steep the angle will be though from this photo.

I don’t think Intimidator 305 does a turn this steep.

Two pieces at once?? Now they’re just showing off! 😛

I estimate this turn to be at least 110 to 115 degrees steep.

It really has people looking when they’re driving along Park Blvd.

Two more track pieces.

I love how it looks like it curls up the hillside in a way.

I wonder where these could be going?

That makes a total of 6 new track pieces waiting to be installed. Should be interesting to see how this ride will come together this week.

Shouldn’t be long until they get down here.

Arrggg! Hoist the colors!!! (pirate accent). 😛

That turn is going to be higher than I thought.

Quite a bit of the ride is already together. Still much more to go!

The next set of photos were taken by me on 12/17. Much of Looper Games has been gutted. Looks like it might not return as Looper Games at all in 2012.

There’s a 3 foot deep hole in Comet’s queue line. I wonder how they are going to redo the line?

Skyrush’s first drop literally towers over Comet Hollow. The cool thing is that it still has 40 to 60 feet more to go!

The station is coming together nicely.

Quite a few of brake run footers are done.

The first drop also is very visible over Founder’s Circle as well.

Even the Stengel dive is visible from here.

That’s it for this update. Thank you guys so much for going out and helping get photos for this. I should be back to do one or two more updates before Christmas.

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #62 (12-16-11)

Greetings. More track has been added to the first drop and more.

I believe that it is now close to 85 degrees.

It can now be seen from Hersheypark Drive very clearly.

Still has about 50 to 60 more feet to go.

The Stengel Dive has been started (which is a 90+ degree banked turn).

More rockwork theming has been done along the hillside.

One of the power converters has been added to the concrete boxes and more work is being done on the other building.

Looks like they’re about to connect to the outside grid.

The foundation for the station is growing and the footers for the brake run are done.

Skyrush can now be seen from Chocolate World.

This support literally towers over Comet Hollow!

More soon!

Hersheypark SkyRush Update #61 (12/14/11)

Well folks, the second lift hill support is very close to being finished and much of the track for the first drop has been added. More stuff has been done as well, so lets check it out!

I estimate Skyrush to be around 130 feet tall right now.

From Tudor Square, it looks impressive. Too bad the trees will have leaves on in the summer.

Hello, Intamin Hypercoaster!

The smaller crane is now having trouble reaching the top.

Only Cifford will be able to go higher from there on.

They went back to blue crossbeams.

This gives you a good idea on how the 3-beamed lift hill pieces are going to attach to the top.

The wall that’s going to surround the lake is starting to go up.

Looks like the beginning of scenery to me. I can already picture a hillside of bushes, flowers, and fresh mulch.

Three pieces that still need to be installed.

That is a beautiful turn.

It’s cool to see what the track looks like when it’s not close to the ground.

The electrical building is being worked on.

Here’s a look at the base right now.

Over at the station….well… the station is going up.

The footerwork is moving along at a fast pace as well.

Half of Comet’s queue line has been torn up and it looks like the footers are starting to go in.

Skyrush through the Comet.

I love the look of this turn.

It kind of looks like it swings out a little.

It’s amazing at how it looks like there’s bearly holding anything of those track pieces to those supports on the tower.

Here’s a shot from Chocolate World’s entrance. Too bad that it will be hard to see from here.

From the Rite-Aid parking lot on Chocolate Avenue, you can get a great view of the first drop so far.

Skyrush is now part of the skyline with Storm Runner.

That’s it for this update. My colleague, Cody plans on stopping by to do an update tomorrow and his photos will be on the Project 2012 Facebook page. I plan on doing another one on Friday, then doing a Night-vision update of the station area Saturday night.


Hersheypark Skyrush Update #60.5 (12/12/11)

Here’s a little something extra. After checking out the construction site, My friend and me went on a little walk over by the Hotel and walked along Hersheypark Drive to check out the track and up Front St. I want to note that at no time did me or my friend go over the fence or near the track. This will be the last update from the airfield until the lift hill is up.

Looks like the lift pieces are bolted together.

One of the top pieces.

This piece is ready to be taken over to the construction site.

Judging from the gradual curve, this looks like it’s going to be the last lift support piece which will go on top of the 2nd lift support.

The main pieces of the lift lined up in a row.

The cable lift guide track in the center of the lift support.

The catwalks and railings.

The railings look like they are going to be yellow as well.

I believe that the yellow pieces will connect the angled station footer with the lift hill support.

The double spine connection with the lift hill, and the guide track for the cable lift, which will travel adjacent to the 2nd support tower.

This piece is still a mystery to me.

One of the highest points on the ride.

Judging from the amount of mounting brackets, this piece may be part of the brake run.

Curved I-beams.

Your Journey to 200 feet begins here.

Intamin has done it again and invented a new type of support. To the contrary to what it may look like, the left part will be bolted into the footer and the right side will attach to the track.

Station track.

Here’s a closer view of the station track.

The world needs more Intamin tape. 🙂

That’s a random Dohicky. lol

Transfer track piece in the background and section L2 in the foreground.

It seems like most of the single spine pieces are labeled in the 80’s and 90’s, which is towards the end of the ride.

It’s so small compared to the others.

Single spine to no spine.

S88 and S96.

I think most, if not, all of the ride is here.

Segments 59, 61, 65, and a piece of crossbracing for the first lift hill support.

No spine to single spine…

…which is segment 94.

Not too many supports left on the other side of Hersheypark Drive.

Must be a turn.

The next few photos were taken from Front Street, which is a sleepy country road that runs parallel to Sand Beach Road.

So many curves… 😛

I like the looks of those two track pieces. I think the one to the left might be for the curved airtime hill.

Remember, the next construction update comes Wednesday!