Hersheypark SkyRush Update #59 (12/10/11)

No more than less than a day that I took photos for Update 57, the 2nd lift hill support starts going up.

Alright, the section you see there was several hour’s worth of work. This photo was taken at around 12pm. In other words… HOLY CRAP THEY WORK FAST! Haha.

To the left is the new path, straight ahead is the lift supports the are going up. From a sideview, they appear very thick.

We haven’t had a Hollow update for awhile. You can see that they replaced some of the wood in the relocated Looper Lanes building.

Footers n’ Dirt over at the station.

I forgot my other camera so I apalogize for the 3megapixel photos.

Brake run footers are going in.

I wonder when the ones in the queue line will go in?

Word has it that the station is planned to be up when the trains arrive, which will be in February. Shouldn’t be long now.

You can see the lift support on the left side of the photo.

Won’t be hiding for long.

It’s already visible in Rhineland and Founder’s Circle. Let’s zoom in.

With decent weather over the next few days, it should be interesting.

One day later (Sunday), the bottom 40 to 50 feet of the support is finished. Photo taken by Harrison Michelson.

Expect another update tomorrow night showing off possibly more of the lift hill. Stay tuned because it looks like things are starting to get a little bit lofty. 😛

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