Hersheypark Skyrush Update #60.5 (12/12/11)

Here’s a little something extra. After checking out the construction site, My friend and me went on a little walk over by the Hotel and walked along Hersheypark Drive to check out the track and up Front St. I want to note that at no time did me or my friend go over the fence or near the track. This will be the last update from the airfield until the lift hill is up.

Looks like the lift pieces are bolted together.

One of the top pieces.

This piece is ready to be taken over to the construction site.

Judging from the gradual curve, this looks like it’s going to be the last lift support piece which will go on top of the 2nd lift support.

The main pieces of the lift lined up in a row.

The cable lift guide track in the center of the lift support.

The catwalks and railings.

The railings look like they are going to be yellow as well.

I believe that the yellow pieces will connect the angled station footer with the lift hill support.

The double spine connection with the lift hill, and the guide track for the cable lift, which will travel adjacent to the 2nd support tower.

This piece is still a mystery to me.

One of the highest points on the ride.

Judging from the amount of mounting brackets, this piece may be part of the brake run.

Curved I-beams.

Your Journey to 200 feet begins here.

Intamin has done it again and invented a new type of support. To the contrary to what it may look like, the left part will be bolted into the footer and the right side will attach to the track.

Station track.

Here’s a closer view of the station track.

The world needs more Intamin tape. 🙂

That’s a random Dohicky. lol

Transfer track piece in the background and section L2 in the foreground.

It seems like most of the single spine pieces are labeled in the 80’s and 90’s, which is towards the end of the ride.

It’s so small compared to the others.

Single spine to no spine.

S88 and S96.

I think most, if not, all of the ride is here.

Segments 59, 61, 65, and a piece of crossbracing for the first lift hill support.

No spine to single spine…

…which is segment 94.

Not too many supports left on the other side of Hersheypark Drive.

Must be a turn.

The next few photos were taken from Front Street, which is a sleepy country road that runs parallel to Sand Beach Road.

So many curves… 😛

I like the looks of those two track pieces. I think the one to the left might be for the curved airtime hill.

Remember, the next construction update comes Wednesday!

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