Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #63 (12-19-11)

Hey guys, this update is a little different than usual. Unfortunately was unable to do today’s normal update, but thanks to my friends Harry, Matt, and Walter this update was able to continue on as scheduled. Thanks guys!

The Stengel Dive is finished!

That is one hell of a transition!

I can believe we missed this and thought it was an ordinary hill. It kind of took us by suprise.

Just doing some random tightening of the bolts for the lift I guess.

The brackets that will connect the lift hill to the large concrete block have been delivered.

The supports for the turn over Comet have been added. It’s hard to tell how steep the angle will be though from this photo.

I don’t think Intimidator 305 does a turn this steep.

Two pieces at once?? Now they’re just showing off! 😛

I estimate this turn to be at least 110 to 115 degrees steep.

It really has people looking when they’re driving along Park Blvd.

Two more track pieces.

I love how it looks like it curls up the hillside in a way.

I wonder where these could be going?

That makes a total of 6 new track pieces waiting to be installed. Should be interesting to see how this ride will come together this week.

Shouldn’t be long until they get down here.

Arrggg! Hoist the colors!!! (pirate accent). 😛

That turn is going to be higher than I thought.

Quite a bit of the ride is already together. Still much more to go!

The next set of photos were taken by me on 12/17. Much of Looper Games has been gutted. Looks like it might not return as Looper Games at all in 2012.

There’s a 3 foot deep hole in Comet’s queue line. I wonder how they are going to redo the line?

Skyrush’s first drop literally towers over Comet Hollow. The cool thing is that it still has 40 to 60 feet more to go!

The station is coming together nicely.

Quite a few of brake run footers are done.

The first drop also is very visible over Founder’s Circle as well.

Even the Stengel dive is visible from here.

That’s it for this update. Thank you guys so much for going out and helping get photos for this. I should be back to do one or two more updates before Christmas.

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8 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #63 (12-19-11)

  1. Best update yet, by far. Thanks for doing this, the webcam on their page just doesn’t do it for me lol. The updates just keep getting better and better. Can’t wait to see what it will look like at the end of the month.

  2. I look forward to these updates when I get home.keep them comming. Who at first when we only knew the color of the supports werent sure about the color scheme

  3. It’s interesting comparing the construction here with the look of the old sooperdooperLooper, with its massive I-beam and truss supports holding up a spindly little track. (Not that all old Schwarzkopf coasters were like that: their terrain loopers had evolved to something like Intamin box track just a few years later.)

  4. I thought the webcam is pretty good. Ccron10-i have a couple questions for you

    Can you list the roler coasters from best to worst in Hp and why?

    When will the trains arrive?

    Is the uodate schedule mon, wed, fri?

    How much track is left in the field?

    Will you be doing updates between christmas and new year?

    Thanks for answering

    • Sure.
      – I really don’t think any of them are horrible, but my top three are Fahrenheit because of the first drop, Storm Runner for the zero-g-roll and flying snake dive, and Lightning Racer for having a nice, flowing layout. I like Comet’s classic layout, Looper’s enjoyable layout, Wild Mouse’s airtime hills, Trailblazer’s great nighttime rides, Wildcat’s out-of-control feel, and Sidewinder’s intense ride experience. Roller Soaker is a good coaster to cool off on during those hot days.

      -I’m still not 100% sure yet.

      -Yes, but it’s not set in stone. I may post an update Tuesday, Thursday or on the weekend depending on the weather or if something major is added to the construction site.

      -Quite a bit. I originally thought that it didn’t look like many pieces over in the field, but they seem to grouped together tightly.

      -Yep, but after New Year’s Eve, I will be too busy to get another update until at least January 7th. I may need some volunteers to get me the updates that week.

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