Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #67 (1-2-12)

Happy New Year! We have a big year ahead of us filled with many coasters so let’s start the year off right with the first Skyrush Update of 2012.

Some of the scaffolding from the last update has gone up at the ending of the Stengel Dive.

But given how there seems to be decorative rocks might mean that it’s for adding finishing touches to the wall surrounding the creek.

Nothing really new added to the first drop.

But the sun setting does make the drop look magnificant.

Same thing with the other support tower.

Right now this is the only track piece at the construction site. It should be installed after the 90 degree turn over Comet. By the way, the blue piece in the bottom left-hand corner looks like it’s going to be mounted on the top of the first lift tower…

…which the top cross-section still needs to be installed.

Still around 120 to 130 feet tall. That should change pretty soon.

Cool headchopper effect.

Under the first drop, the lift motor mount is starting to get more hardware.

While it doesn’t have anything to do with Skyrush, I thought I’d throw this photo in just for fun.

The back wall for the first level of the station is done.

The loading platform looks like its going to be a good 20 feet off the ground.

There’s also a window under the transfer track area.

Also as shown on the rendering, one of the footers seems to be located outside the station building.

The lift looks to be very steep considering that the first support and the angled station footer are extremely close together.

If the Comet train and Skyrush train crossover at the same time, that would create an insane headchopper effect!

Thanks for reading! 2012 is going to be an exciting for Keystone Thrills. We plan on doing many more special features, more park meet-ups, along with some suprises here and there.

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