Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #71 (1-10-12)

Hey guys, remember those lift hill pieces from the last update? Well, it seems that they were lifted into place yesterday. That leaves just one more straight section seperating us from a 200 foot tall lift hill.

Looks like section number three has already been added.

The lift hill is now officially taller than Comet.

Here’s the spot where the first support tower will connect to the truss system.

Sections four and five have already been angled to 50 degrees and are ready to be lifted into place.

…and there it goes!

It needs to be turned into place.

After getting one of the guide wires caught in a tree for a few seconds and the guide crew repostioning themselves on the Comet, the truss is closing into it’s final resting spot.

almost there…

Getting closer…

With one more straight section to go, you can start to imagine what this lift hill will look like once it’s finished.

Only several more feet…

Over the past hour that I was there, a lot of people decided to stop by to watch. Traffic on the road was even slowing down to see what was going on!

You can get a good idea on how the truss pieces will connect with each other.

Skyrush seems to be around 150 to 160 feet at this point.

Only 40 to 50 feet more to go!

I had to leave a little early to get to class, unfortunately. Depending on the weather tomorrow, expect another construction update (sticking to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday pattern) showing off more of the lift hill and whatever they get done by then.

Also, be sure to check out Keystone Thrills’s sister site for even more Skyrush photo awesomeness! Here’s their update from today!


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3 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #71 (1-10-12)

  1. Great update Chris love the close up shots!!! That’s one stunning looking lifthill I can not wait to see this in person and get my first ride :O)

  2. best pics yet by far..thanks man!! but a little more than one straight piece to go to 200 there’s a good bit of curved pieces which don’t add as much height as the straight ones but its going to take at very least one more straight piece and at very least 2 curved pieces to reach the absolute crest point

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