Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #73 (1-13-12)

With the crane backed away from the lift support, lets check out the results from Tuesday’s lift.

Clearly visible from above the Arena

Sticks out in the Skyline as well.

The catwalks for the crest of the lift hill have been assembled.

There is only one curved lift piece left to be trucked over to the construction site.

Here is where the lift is going to end and the first drop will begin.

The track supply has dropped.

Last piece of the straight section for the lift hill.

Next to be taken over.

Lift track.

Shouldn’t be long until these pieces are added.

Lets check the construction site.

Looks like Skyrush will be see from Tram Circle after all.

Word has it that next week might be the week that we’ll see Skyrush topped-off.

Clifford will only be with us for two more weeks until it leaves for it’s next job.

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down in Tram Circle and Tudor Square.

Comet is starting to look like a kiddie coaster right now.

The crossover should look interesting once it gets finished.

Judging from the current position of the track and supports, it looks like the first airtime hill will curve up steeper on the next piece or either side.

This side of the first high-speed turn should look interesting.

Here’s a look at the finished section of the creek wall.

Next section of the lift to be added.

It goes together something like an erector set.

The tallest piece that will be 200 ft above the ground might be there.

It’s hard to tell of the interior walls for the restroom are done.

The supports and track for inside the station could go up soon at this point.

Other than the triple-layered I-beams for the track support and different color, the lift looks almost exactly like Intimidator 305’s.

The Station level for the elevator is starting to go up. The front wall for the restrooms still need to go up.

On the other corner, it looks like that is starting to happen.

Like I said before, the loading platform looks to be a good distance off the ground.

Quite a bit of machinery seems to be missing from under the back brake on Looper.

The station overall so far.

Four coasters all in one photo! The classical Comet from the Philadelphia Tobbogann Company, the uniqueness of Great Bear from B&M, the powerful Storm Runner and finally it’s younger sister, Skyrush, both from Intamin. Imagine if all of it’s trains were in one photo!

I wish… 😦

Skyrush has taken over the skyline in Tudor Square.

I was hoping for this to happen. 🙂

The ride looks like it is located on a hill higher than the Main Gate. By the way, the entrance sign is back up and the Monorail is currently out-of-service. 😉

Another update coming Monday!

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7 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #73 (1-13-12)

  1. That funny looking lift hill support looks to be the one that connects to the 2nd main support near the drop. I hope they top off Skyrush before the 20th. From what they’ve been able to do, they can get it done before then.

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  3. You know that an Erector set is made to look like any kind of modern construction, right? It’s not Skyrush that looks like an Erector set, it’s the other way around.

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