Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #74 (1/16/12)

Word has it that by the end of this week, Skyrush may reach a new milestone and have it’s 200 ft tall crest in place. With Clifford the crane sticking around only until the end of January, it’s crunchtime.

That’s an oddly shaped crane…

Then again, that thing looks like it’s attached to the lift.

Word is that by the end of the week, we might see the lift topped off.

Doing some last-minute prep work to the last piece that was added.

This might be a shot in the dark, but maybe that piece on the top of the lift might be there to hold the last straight piece to be added to the top of the tower until the crown will be added?

Here’s the tallest piece on Skyrush.

According to a source, one of two floating fountains will be added in the center of the turnaround.

Airtime in the backseat? Looks like it. 🙂

I could be wrong, but it looks like you will be climbing the lift hill on the left side and drop 200ft on the right side.

Last straight section that needs to be added.

Turns out that temporary support has a lot of uses.

Some last-minute tightening.

Is he walking on the loading/unloading platform?

I guess this confirms that there will be catwalks on both sides of the track.

Looks like the loading platform is being added.

They were moving so fast laying the floor down that they could easily get it done in one more day.

There’s a footer outside the station.

Shouldn’t be long until the station track is added.

The front restroom area still needs it’s walls.

The transfer side of the station platform looks pretty big.

The doorways are in place.

Nothing done since Christmas Candylane to the final stretch before the brakes.

Hopefully tomorrow’s rain won’t cause any trouble with the top section.

This yellow beam will be attached to the center of the final straight section for the lift hill.

That’s all folks! Next update should be Wednesday night if everything works out.

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9 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #74 (1/16/12)

  1. I’ve been wondering exactly how they were going to do this bit for a long time. The reappearance of the temp support is certainly an unexpected development.

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  3. I am still wondering how the bathroom under the station will work with the supports, line, and other things for the ride such as computer system and moter for gates. It just seems like too confined of a space for all that. But then again I haven’t seen it in person yet and knowing HP they will make it work. If anyone has any idea on how it will work could you tell me.

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  5. Based on the supports for the lift support, the backbone is actually going to go in opposite of what the update says. Just look at the supports for the lift and the left side of the backbone. Looks like they’ll go together better than the right side.

  6. Love the shot looking through the curve on Great Bear–how many roller coasters are in that picture? I count at least 6, but I’m trying to decide if I’m seeing part of a seventh (the Wildcat?) back behind Fahrenheit…

  7. Hersheypark, the sweetest place on earth seems to be trying for the ‘coaster-est’ place as well! Great update photos. This so far snowless winter is really letting the work crew move right along! Still wondering about any realingment with the que for the Comet and the design details for the loading station for Skyrush.

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