Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #75 (1-18-12)

Because of the rain we’ve had yesterday and the windy conditions today, none of the lift hill pieces were added today, although they were going to attempt to. That doesn’t mean nothing was done over the last few days though!

Something has been added to the underside of the crown.

This piece looks like it will be going the top of the first drop support. As you can see here, that slot above that guide wheel is where the catch-car for the cable lift will travel.

Very interesting.

The first catwalk section has been added to Skyrush. This section looks like it could be used to inspect the guide-wheels for the lift.

They tried lifting the straight section this morning, but they had to call it off because of the wind.

Kind of reminds me of the catwalk on the top of Fahrenheit.

I am willing to bet that the center bar is the piece that will connect to the double spine and act as the transition between the two types.

Maybe tomorrow…

Access ladder for the cable lift on the first drop side?

I wonder what that bar coming off the side of the tower could be for?

Still hard to tell.

Let’s check out the station.

Looks like they are hard at work on the front of the restrooms.

All the flooring for the loading station seems to be up.

The first supports for the station and transfer have arrived. Looks like they are ready to be installed.

That’s it for Update #75. Be sure to keep checking back to see of they will add more of the lift hill soon!

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5 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #75 (1-18-12)

  1. I am still wondering how the bathroom under the station will work with the supports, line, and other things for the ride such as computer system and moter for gates. It just seems like too confined of a space for all that. But then again I haven’t seen it in person yet and knowing HP they will make it work. If anyone has any idea on how it will work could you tell me.

  2. The placement of the catwalk makes it much clearer exactly what part of the crown that is, since it indicates the horizontal.

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  4. Hey There,
    You have a great website. When you post Skyrush updates, do you allow your photos to be on other websites? I have a blog that gets a medium-sized audience (Around 2,000 views per month) and I was wondering if I could feature a few of your pics of construction. (while putting a link advertisting your website)

    Thank you

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