Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #76 (1-20-12)

In this update, another section of the lift has been put into place and some track has been added to the station and transfer area.

This was taken from the Hotel Hershey.

Can’t forget about Lightning Racer.


The top of Skyrush is starting to tower above the trees in front of Chocolate World.

Bolting it into place.

You have to give these guys a lot of respect for what they do. Not many people can go up 150-some feet into the air and stand on nothing more that a few inches of steel.

The Preview Center path has been dug up.

Some of the decorative rockwork on the creekwall.

More parts for the first drop.

No spine to double-spine.

The crest.

That’s a lot of bolts.

Some of the storage track is in place.

Looks like some of the station track is in place as well.

Guide wheels for the lift cable

That’s it for this update! Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #76 (1-20-12)

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  3. For some reason to me it seems like there is still a piece missing from the arch piece that hasn’t been lifted yet. But I could be wrong. I can’t wait to see it finished in person when I go to a hershey bears game later this year.

  4. There are the pieces that have been put together into the crown of the arch, and then there’s one other curved yellow piece that goes on top of the one that was just added to the second tower.

    I think that’s all that’s left of the lift hill truss, though of course they then have to add the rest of the crosspieces, the track itself, the catwalks, and any other mechanical bits that go up there. It’s a lot of work for the little time remaining with the big crane, but I suppose that once the arch is complete the rest will go faster.

    • Now that I have looked at it closer It does look like it is all there. I think it may have been the camera angle.
      And yes still a lot of work still left and very little time left to do it before the large crane leaves. Maybe after the large crane leaves they will have to use the smaller ones?

  5. There’s been some discussion about that going on over at Coasterforce; I’m no expert on this, but I’d guess that schedule overruns on construction jobs with rented cranes are a common occurrence, and there are ways of dealing with them.

    They can’t use the smaller cranes to do anything that’s too high for them to reach.

    • No I meant they use them for the lower sections. I know that they wouldn’t be able to do the lift the can barely reach what is done on the lift now. But knowing HP they probably plan for things like this. They probably have something ready in case

  6. Does anyone know when the coaster is going to open, and when the main hill is going to be finished?????? If you know, PLEASE tell me, because I am dying to see this coaster completed!!!!!!!!

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