A Look Around the Hotel Hershey

Lets take a look around one of the area’s most beautiful hotel, The Hotel Hershey.The property is one of only three hotels in the state of Pennsylvania to receive a Four-Star rating by Forbes Travel Guide.

Walking up to the hotel, you get that Mediterranean feeling that seems to radiate off of the building.

Just inside are a few stores that welcome you. One of them was the Cocoa Beanery, which is set up similar to a coffee shop and bakery. Many of the desserts are just mouth-watering to look at such as this one.

Next door is a candy shop called Sweets that sells a wide variety of macaroons and cupcakes, which you have the opportunity to decorate your own.

This shop sold comfy home decor. There was also a jewelry shop, seasonal shop, and others as well.

The staff is the friendliest that I’ve ever seen at a hotel. They hold the door for you as you enter the place and are always willing to help you if you have a question.

Here we are, the famous fountain lobby. This was my first visit to the hotel and it’s appearance blew me away.

No small amount of detail was skipped, as you can see.

Connected to the fountain lobby is the famous Circular Dining room. When M.S. Hershey built it, he wanted nobody to have a bad seat. As you can see from how open it looks, his idea makes sense.

Behind the hotel is an area called the Formal Gardens that feature two reflecting pools.

Behind the Formal Gardens is where the skating Rink, Woodside Cottages, pool, and Hershey Harvest restaurant are located.

Come spring, this area will look totally different.

Turns out that the Formal Gardens came before the Hotel Hershey.

To the left is the Chocolate Spa building.

Looks like there is no skating today.

The Hershey Harvest is one of seven dining locations at the hotel.

The pool looks like it would be awesome in the summer.

It has two water slides, zero-depth entry, many water elements, and is that a fountain on the concrete to the right?

Twister Slides were open. You need to be a Reese’s height category in order to ride. 😛

Here is an overview of the slides.

The Woodside Cottages were added in the 2009 Grand Expansion and has a nice setting with the view of the Blue Mountains behind them.

But with a hotel that has a view like this, no wonder why the Hotel Hershey is such a highly recommended place.

This concludes our brief look around the Hotel Hershey.  If you are interested in learning more about the Hotel Hershey, you can visit their website here: http://www.thehotelhershey.com/index.php

This is only the start of what Keystone Thrills has in-store and much more is on the way!

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