Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #90 (2-22-12)

Only 92 days left until we Ride the Edge! Let’s get to the update!

Something is missing in the skyline.

Clifford has vanished, but Skyrush remains.

Here’s all the track that’s left. It’s at the point where we have somewhat a clue to where each of them is going to go.

The flat track might be for the reduction brake at this point.

Framework for the reduction, maybe?

A few months ago, I thought these pieces were for the base of the lift supports.

Say bye-bye to Clifford.

I can never get tired of taking artsy photos of this airtime hill.

Here is the second-to-last set of footers for Skyrush. According to the rendering, all that needs to be added is another footer next to the one on the right. Once this is done, then the support footers for Skyrush will be done!

The base for the creekwall next to the dam is in.

Moving upstream, the inital wall has been installed in this section.

Next to Comet’s first drop, a lot of the rockwork for the wall has been added.

Ready for a support and track!

The cable drum has been uncovered.

Over at the station, I managed to catch them installing the last few pieces of the catwalk for the lift hill.

On the station, the upper part of the supportwork for the roof has been painted white.

Here’s where the new path will travel under Comet. You can see where the queue line will be in the background.

Some rockwork has been added to the front of the restrooms. They are starting to add some under where the entrance and exit stairs will be.

More of Comet’s station roof has been taken off.

Insulation is being added to the wall between the loading area and transfer area.

The railings are back up on the old Creekside Catering bridges. If I recall, they were taken out by Tropical Storm Lee back in September.

That’s it for this update. Be sure to post any questions, comments, or concerns in the Construction Thread in the discussion forums here:http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t319p150-skyrush-and-comet-hollow-renovation-official-discussion-thread

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2 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #90 (2-22-12)

  1. Just wait how awsome it will be to take pictures of that airtime hill whentheres a train on it!! Cant wait to see this thing starting test runs. Amazing job with all of your pictures, im on here checking for new ones everyday because I cant get enough!

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