Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #91


^According to this countdown clock, at this point about 91 more days until Memorial Day weekend. More progress has been made including track, so let’s get at it!

Footer rebar caps for the new ones.

I spy some more goldenrod that was recently added…

Love the curves.

Looks like the German Kettle Korn stand is getting a rehab.

This secton of creekwall is almost done.

The area near the temporary dam looks different for some reason.

The final stretch has been added behind Scrambler in Founder’s Circle!

That’s a big crate…

…and that is a lift motor.

There’s a slight turn before it hits the reduction brake.

It’s not extremely banked so it could add to the ride.

The cable drum as been attatched.

That’s a decent drop after the Comet turn.

Nothing really new over at the station.

More work was done to the queue area it appears.

Looks like they’re working in the rafters.

COmet’s second turnaround appears brighter.

Compare it to the lift hill and first drop.

The reduction brake looks like it’s going to be almost as tall as Comet’s second turnaround.

Looper paint chips.

More work has been done to Comet’s station.

The whole front side has been worked on.

The new path is taking shape.

Just this section and the one next to the dam on that side.

I’m still trying to get a better shot of this angle.

Lastly, the base for the footers appear to be in.

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