Hersheypark Skyrush Construction and Offseason Update #103 (3-30-12)

One more week until the park opens! Let’s check out what’s happening.

Nothing new over here…

Never mind!

Posts have been added along the new path.

They will hold the new fencing. I hope it’s the same style that was used around Skyrush.

As you can see, a lot of the poles for it are up.

Not much left in the creek area.


Great Bear came out to say hello as well.

Here’s a HD video of it testing to get you in the mood for next week!

Good to hear that trademark roar again.

Looks like some of the queue has been poured.


The blacktop for the midway is in.

The switchbacks for Comet’s queue is going in as well.

Looks like the left row is the exit, middle is for the front row, and right row is for the other seats.

The intense part. Leviathan will more than likely have nothing similar to this! 😛

Here’s a shot that looks like it was taken in January or February.

Take notice the lack of wheel covers.

Into the first helix!

…and down the first drop!

The first row looks almost exactly upside down in this shot!

The Hollow is really coming together!

Looks like they are working on the interior of the elevator.

Check out what was found in a shop window in Tudor Square!

Mugs and shot glasses…

drink glasses…

new hat design…

…and draw-string bags! Now I know what I’m getting next week!

Here’s a random picture of a robin who was sitting on the ledge in front of the shop.

The STITP sign is up.

Looks like the path where the preview center was is gone and now it connects directly to the new path.

Some new banners have been added around Tram Circle. While they may be the same as the ones lined around the hotels and through town, I kind of like the idea of using them everywhere.

Next weekend, we will have a chance to check out the new and improved Comet Hollow. See you next week for more Skyrush construction hi-jinks. 😛

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #102 (3-28-12)

Photo by Harry Michelson

Ladies and Gentilemen, new for 2012, it looks like Comet Hollow will now be renamed The Hollow.  This was not the first time that this area’s name was changed becuase back in the 1980’s it was called Spring Creek Hollow.

Let’s check on construction of The Hollow’s signature ride, Skyrush.

Over by the dam, dirt was being evened out along the path.

Just about all of the construction equipment was out of the creek area.

Should be interesting to see this area covered with water.


More work is still being done to the tops of the footers.


Tilt-A-Whirl has a brand-new entrance sign!

Over at Skyrush’s station, prep-work is being done to it’s future queue area.

The back station was was painted white.

I still have to wonder what’s going on here.

A new tree has arrived.

Over at Comet, queue railings are starting to go up.

From the looks of Harry’s photos in the Project 2012 Facebook group, the queue is going to look completely different from last year and will have more landscaping.

Not to mention a new  entrance location as well.

The sheet-metal roofing has been added to the photo booth.

As for COmet’s station, railings have been added around the platform and the old ride signs have been reinstalled.

The clocktower works!

The Hollow’s new look is starting to grow on me.

Looks like there will be a path going over to the former Creekside Catering Area. I wonder if it will be re-used this year?

Here is the entrance to the new path in Rhineland. I’ll have a new update coming up tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #101 (3-26-12)

I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this update, but what was done from the looks of it are more station railings were added, station lighting, the creekwalls were finished, more elevator stuff, and lift hill wiring.

I’ll be doing another update tomorrow, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it posted since I have some college work to get done.

See ya.

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #100 (3/23/12) Trackwork Complete!

This is it! This is the 100th Skyrush update! So far we’ve seen a lot of dirt, creek re-routing, concrete, footers, and goldenrod track and now all that track has now been installed! Let’s check it out!

Comet was doing a few laps on Friday. Here’s a video… in HD!

Only less than two weeks!

Can’t wait until landscaping is added.

More capping has been going on with the footers.

More curbing has been added to the path entrance.

Here is the final piece that was added.

As with the turn after it, it’s steeply banked!

Imagine walking under this when a train goes by. It’s going to be incredible!

Another for the wacky support list.

With the first high-speed turn done, I really can’t wait to see how this section will be.

The oldest coaster and now newest coaster in the park.

The station is receiving railings.

Looks like the mechanics for the elevator are going in.

Comet Hollow is slowly starting to look less like a construction site.

See you Monday!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #99 (3-21-12)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are one update away from our 100th Skyrush Update! After passing by the airfield, more pieces and track have been loaded on to flatbeds and ready to transport. Let’s check out the construction area.

The Tram Circle sign is back and looks fresh and ready for the 2012 season to begin!

The park side of the creek wall looks to be finished!

The new entrance to the path has evolved quite a bit since the last update.


Curbing has gone in.

Probably won’t be long now!

More footers are going in along the path.

As well as decorative rock-work!

Looks like they might be starting to add more over here.

Here is the set of footers that they were working on Monday.

This side of the creekwall is progressing.

Hmm… it’s directly under the lift hill, it’s in line with those concrete boxes over in front of the station, I wonder what this could be for??

And what’s this?

Railings have been added to the lift motor catwalk as well as….

The entrance and exit stairs to the station!

The left side is the exit and the center one is to the main queue.

The station!


Can’t wait until more railings are added.

More digging is happening in the future queue area.

The planters in front of Comet’s queue are showing up.

The photo booth.

I really like the railing design!

Comet’s station is starting to change color.

The control booth, from what it looks like.

It is really hard to tell how Comet’s queue is going to look. From here, it looks like it’s going to be mostly in front of Skyrush’s footers.

The station building really brightens up Comet Hollow!

Finished footers.

The crane looks ready to go.

The reflecting pool in Tudor Square is being refilled. Opening day must be near!

the entrance to the path as of now.

I’m going to be busy Friday evening, but I’ll try to squeeze in the 100th update before then. Thanks for reading!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #98 (3/19/12)

It’s a new week. Let’s check out what was done over the weekend to Skyrush!

The smell of freshly laid-down mulch fills the air in Tram Circle… a sign of Spring!

Something was done to the creekwall, from the looks of it.

…and to the dam as well.

Something seems to be going on with the footers again.

The creek seems to flowing on both sides. More of the creekwall still needs to be done.

This should give you an idea on how big the track is compared to the size of a person.

I believe I see Tilt-A-Whirl’s ride booth.

It’s getting there.

Looks like more work was done to the lift motor.

Loving the look of the station!

Especially the back wall.

Just need railings and it looks like a loading station!

I think this might be the best-looking station inside the park.

Some blacktop was laid down outside the transfer area.

Curbing for the new path!

The transfer track has received a garage door.

More station photos…

Hollow’s new midway is starting to take shape!


Comet’s queue.

The station is now blue and brown!

I see a train.

Control Booth?

Still no supports… yet.

See you Wednesday!

Hersheypark Offseason/Skyrush Construction Update #97 (3/16/12)

Three weeks till Springtime in the Park  and work still seems to be steaming along.

The footers are now done!

The park-side of the creekwall is on its final section to be finished.

Now for the last pieces of track and supports!

The Comet fence looks more complete.

I wonder what the wide spots are going to be used for?

This section of the creekwall still needs to be installed.

I like this section of the path for some reason.

The photo booth now has a roof.

The framework for the stairs are in.

The queue and station area is slowly starting to look more like part of the park.

Some decorative rockwork is going in behind the future queue area, from the looks of it.

Whack-A-Mole’s new roof is going to be a bright red color.

The curbing outside Comet’s queue is going in.

The curbing in front of the new restrooms is in.

The bricks on the booth are now up, which didn’t take long.

Looper dohickys.

The new roof side has now gone around the front part of the station. On a sidenote, looks like there’s a Comet train on the transfer track (middle right).

I see brake run wiring!


So much yellow track!

It’s hard to tell if this will be the path connection or not. The August rendering showed that the path would connect a little closer to the Hospitality Services building.

But this way could work as well.

On to the ZooAmerica and offseason update.

The Tudor Square pond was repainted.

Must be Prairie Dog Day… Three more weeks of the offseason!

Here’s a panorama of the Prairie Dog/ Mountain Lion area.

Aww, Stanley is trying to look cute…



SFMM Metro fans would love this photo.

See you Monday for the next update! Happy St. patrick’s Day!