Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #93 (3-1-12)

Approximately 83 more days or more than 11 more weeks until Memorial Day weekend and with trains already on-site, we are getting close to opening day.

Check out that spagetti-bowl of goldenrod track.

These footers are almost done.

Rockwork is being added to this section of the creekwall. Only several spots of the wall still need to be finished (both sides near the dam and a stretch near the first drop).

This is pretty much the only section of wall to finish on the park-side of the creek.

More digging has been going on at the Rhineland Connection spot for the path.

The creek has flooded again, but the trench running through the construction site looks to be controlling it.

The next section for the creekwall to be built.

No track yet.


Tilt-A-Whirl is going back up in it’s original spot (from the 1980’s).

Although you can’t see it, just off to the left of the photo is the control booth, that is starting to go up.


Some more pieces for the motor.

More rockwork has been done to the station on the first level.

Drywall is up on the dividing wall for the station.

Bricks are going up are Skyrush’s restrooms.

Brake-run catwalks are up.

Reduction brake supports are up.

Probably should be long until this turn is finished.

Track is starting to go up.

Still needs a few more pieces to go though.

It’s not connected to the main course yet.

I almost had to stand out in Park Blvd to get this shot. lol

Sky, the cat has made another appearance (I’m calling him/her Sky or Skye).

Photo taken by HersheyparkPR on Twitter. Check out the new rolling stock!

Source: http://yfrog.com/esn4uxvj

Thanks for reading! By the way, I closed the forums a few days ago becuase of the lack of popularity. If you wish to comment, be sure to do so on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/keystonethrills/

I’ll have another update from yesterday and today coming up tonight, so be sure to check back later!

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