Hersheypark Offseason and Skyrush Construction Update #96 (3-14-12)

Spring is in the air and it is not just because of the warm temperatures. Hersheypark is starting to get itself ready for the season, which begins in only three weeks. Skyrush and Comet Hollow are now starting to look less like a construction site as well.

A new concrete wall has gone in at the entrance to the new path.

Skyrush was looking great on this sunny, 70-degree day.

I was perfect for coaster-riding!

Hmm… something’s new…

The fence behind Comet’s far turnaround has gone back up.

I see a utility hole and some gravel down on the path as well.

This photo makes me excited and want to reflect back on how much this view has changed in the past year.

Now it’s getting even more exciting.

Quite a bit of the new path now has gravel and a few of those concrete bases.

It is going to be amazing either walking on that path and looking up to see the train only feet away from you or riding it and diving over the crowd!

So many awesome photo and video opportunities await on that path this summer.

This creekwall section is done.

Much of the catwalks in the maintenance area has been added.

The framework for the station entrance and exit is up.

The walls in the storage area look like they have been painted.

The Looper Sandwich Shop has been painted a nice red color.

Curbing is starting to go back in Comet Hollow.

A roof and door has been installed to the photo booth.

You can also see the framework for the stairs off to the left.

Work on Whack-A-Mole is progressing.

Right now the only machinery left in the creek are those concrete containers.

It’s only time until this section of the wall is closed up.

Storm Runner and Skyrush are going to be a great one-two punch at the park this Summer.

The last footer is up and looks like it has concrete in it.

Now we wait for it to cure.

Remember these?

I love the angle of this turn. Let’s check out what else is happening around the park.

Something is missing.

Looper is starting to look brighter.

She now almost blends in with the sky.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Hersheypark Offseason and Skyrush Construction Update #96 (3-14-12)

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  2. omg i can’t wait. just one question. is skyrush completely built so they can like test run it. i can’t wait i’m going mach 28-30

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