Hersheypark Offseason/Skyrush Construction Update #97 (3/16/12)

Three weeks till Springtime in the Park  and work still seems to be steaming along.

The footers are now done!

The park-side of the creekwall is on its final section to be finished.

Now for the last pieces of track and supports!

The Comet fence looks more complete.

I wonder what the wide spots are going to be used for?

This section of the creekwall still needs to be installed.

I like this section of the path for some reason.

The photo booth now has a roof.

The framework for the stairs are in.

The queue and station area is slowly starting to look more like part of the park.

Some decorative rockwork is going in behind the future queue area, from the looks of it.

Whack-A-Mole’s new roof is going to be a bright red color.

The curbing outside Comet’s queue is going in.

The curbing in front of the new restrooms is in.

The bricks on the booth are now up, which didn’t take long.

Looper dohickys.

The new roof side has now gone around the front part of the station. On a sidenote, looks like there’s a Comet train on the transfer track (middle right).

I see brake run wiring!


So much yellow track!

It’s hard to tell if this will be the path connection or not. The August rendering showed that the path would connect a little closer to the Hospitality Services building.

But this way could work as well.

On to the ZooAmerica and offseason update.

The Tudor Square pond was repainted.

Must be Prairie Dog Day… Three more weeks of the offseason!

Here’s a panorama of the Prairie Dog/ Mountain Lion area.

Aww, Stanley is trying to look cute…



SFMM Metro fans would love this photo.

See you Monday for the next update! Happy St. patrick’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Hersheypark Offseason/Skyrush Construction Update #97 (3/16/12)

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  2. Just a semi-offtopic question: Will water flow directly under the comet’s first drop like it used to. I mean like RIGHT under it like it used to

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