Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #99 (3-21-12)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are one update away from our 100th Skyrush Update! After passing by the airfield, more pieces and track have been loaded on to flatbeds and ready to transport. Let’s check out the construction area.

The Tram Circle sign is back and looks fresh and ready for the 2012 season to begin!

The park side of the creek wall looks to be finished!

The new entrance to the path has evolved quite a bit since the last update.


Curbing has gone in.

Probably won’t be long now!

More footers are going in along the path.

As well as decorative rock-work!

Looks like they might be starting to add more over here.

Here is the set of footers that they were working on Monday.

This side of the creekwall is progressing.

Hmm… it’s directly under the lift hill, it’s in line with those concrete boxes over in front of the station, I wonder what this could be for??

And what’s this?

Railings have been added to the lift motor catwalk as well as….

The entrance and exit stairs to the station!

The left side is the exit and the center one is to the main queue.

The station!


Can’t wait until more railings are added.

More digging is happening in the future queue area.

The planters in front of Comet’s queue are showing up.

The photo booth.

I really like the railing design!

Comet’s station is starting to change color.

The control booth, from what it looks like.

It is really hard to tell how Comet’s queue is going to look. From here, it looks like it’s going to be mostly in front of Skyrush’s footers.

The station building really brightens up Comet Hollow!

Finished footers.

The crane looks ready to go.

The reflecting pool in Tudor Square is being refilled. Opening day must be near!

the entrance to the path as of now.

I’m going to be busy Friday evening, but I’ll try to squeeze in the 100th update before then. Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #99 (3-21-12)

  1. Thank you for the update!!! It’s really coming along! I can’t wait for them to complete the track!! Loving the rockwork along the path… I wonder what that new footer is for?? Any guesses?

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  3. Ran into Kim tonight at my High School music performance!! It was so weird but her son is a classmate of mine!

    We started talking about Hershey and Skyrush and it was like we already knew each other! Since I followed the blog and forum religiously for the past year we both knew exactly what we were talking about with EVERYTHING! I knew about Chris and Matt and Matt only from following the blog and forums (in a non-creepy way) and she knows you guys! Anyway, great job with every update and I’m glad I’m getting to know fellow Hershey enthusiasts! 🙂

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