Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #100 (3/23/12) Trackwork Complete!

This is it! This is the 100th Skyrush update! So far we’ve seen a lot of dirt, creek re-routing, concrete, footers, and goldenrod track and now all that track has now been installed! Let’s check it out!

Comet was doing a few laps on Friday. Here’s a video… in HD!

Only less than two weeks!

Can’t wait until landscaping is added.

More capping has been going on with the footers.

More curbing has been added to the path entrance.

Here is the final piece that was added.

As with the turn after it, it’s steeply banked!

Imagine walking under this when a train goes by. It’s going to be incredible!

Another for the wacky support list.

With the first high-speed turn done, I really can’t wait to see how this section will be.

The oldest coaster and now newest coaster in the park.

The station is receiving railings.

Looks like the mechanics for the elevator are going in.

Comet Hollow is slowly starting to look less like a construction site.

See you Monday!


7 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #100 (3/23/12) Trackwork Complete!

  1. first off great updates. and I’m going here on my 8th grade trip on May 18th. Probably won’t be done be open by then but it will still be awesome to just see Skyrush!

  2. Great 100th update! Anxious to walk thru the new path for what appears to be awesome Skyrush views. Landscaping, new signage, lighting and a renovated Comet loading station makes Comet Hollow the new / old hot spot of the park. Can’t wait to ride this coaster!

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