Hersheypark Skyrush Construction and Offseason Update #103 (3-30-12)

One more week until the park opens! Let’s check out what’s happening.

Nothing new over here…

Never mind!

Posts have been added along the new path.

They will hold the new fencing. I hope it’s the same style that was used around Skyrush.

As you can see, a lot of the poles for it are up.

Not much left in the creek area.


Great Bear came out to say hello as well.

Here’s a HD video of it testing to get you in the mood for next week!

Good to hear that trademark roar again.

Looks like some of the queue has been poured.


The blacktop for the midway is in.

The switchbacks for Comet’s queue is going in as well.

Looks like the left row is the exit, middle is for the front row, and right row is for the other seats.

The intense part. Leviathan will more than likely have nothing similar to this! 😛

Here’s a shot that looks like it was taken in January or February.

Take notice the lack of wheel covers.

Into the first helix!

…and down the first drop!

The first row looks almost exactly upside down in this shot!

The Hollow is really coming together!

Looks like they are working on the interior of the elevator.

Check out what was found in a shop window in Tudor Square!

Mugs and shot glasses…

drink glasses…

new hat design…

…and draw-string bags! Now I know what I’m getting next week!

Here’s a random picture of a robin who was sitting on the ledge in front of the shop.

The STITP sign is up.

Looks like the path where the preview center was is gone and now it connects directly to the new path.

Some new banners have been added around Tram Circle. While they may be the same as the ones lined around the hotels and through town, I kind of like the idea of using them everywhere.

Next weekend, we will have a chance to check out the new and improved Comet Hollow. See you next week for more Skyrush construction hi-jinks. 😛


7 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction and Offseason Update #103 (3-30-12)

  1. Thanks for the update! It’s really all coming together. Loved the video of Great Bear testing. The updates just keep getting better, and better. Couple questions again, do you think there is any chance of them painting Storm Runner before the season? That color of red doesn’t look so good. Do you know when Looper will open? And lastly, what camera do you use? The quality is amazing! Thanks so much, can’t wait for spring time in the park. 😀

  2. Thank you so much for another amazing update! Everything is really starting to look great and put together. I’m verycurious as to what those 2 footers are for though. Any ideas?

  3. Great update!!!!! Beautiful pics!!!! When do you think they will start letting the water flow under “our baby”?

  4. That footer under the lift hill is probobly a base for large spotlights to light up the hill. I hope they keep the wheel covers off GB because it looks cool. ^I too think Storm Runner needs a little paint job next off season

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