Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #108 (4-24-12)

After a relaxing weekend (not to mention wet), let’s check out and see what has become of the pull-through.

The trees have bloomed, which means that we are now starting to get a look at what can been seen of Skyrush during the Summer.


This looked cool.


Now that the layout is finished, here is a view of most of the coaster. As you can see, all of the layout stays below slightly more than half the height of the 200-foot lift hill.

One thing is for sure, the Stengel Dive should be interesting to experience.

Creekside Catering has been cleaned out…

Looks like they didn’t take the paddleboat.

The old benches from the hillside before construction are still there.

Looks like the airtime hill off to the left leaps over a tree at this angle!


The path-archway is still progressing.

More blacktop still needs to be added on this part of the path. It looks like they got more of the curbing in over the weekend as well.

Sensors have been added.

Here is the wiring for it.

No cameras yet for the photo tower.

Gotta’ love the interaction that the coaster will have with the path!

Here is a new view of the station. The side with the doors will be the exit.

Over a Looper, it looks like mounting brackets are being added, judging from the small holes on them.

The transfer bay garage door is closed…

…but it looks like the first train was moved to the station!

All eight rows are there.

Tarps are now covering Looper’s queue railings in the station.

The railings in the queue have been painted…

…And they seem to be working on the building now.

I have one more week of classes until summer vacation, which will open up more time for me. I have several things planned that will be  announced sometime next week that a sure to be cool.

Thanks for reading!


Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #107 (4-19-12)

Let’s check out what’s happening this week with Skyrush!

The summer banners for Skyrush are up in Tram Circle.

Close to almost exactly one month till opening day!

This archway looks like it’s starting to go up over the low clearance area near Rhineland on the new path.

Should be interesting to see the rest of it.

It also looks like it’s going to be long as well.

Looks like the path down here has been paved in.

Footers for the rest of the braces that will hold up the archway.



It’s hard to tell if it’s a pull through or it stopped here while testing, but it is certainly missing a few cars.

Here’s some wiring for something.


The photo tower is in. Now it just needs cameras.

The anatomy of a Skyrush car.

It seems to be missing its floor and nose-piece.

The cable is in and looks ready to go.

I must add that this is genius. Unlike on Intimidator 305 where the return cable goes in a trough under the lift, this one goes under Comet’s first drop, under the path and queue and back up to the station! This was a smart way to get around space limitations.

The first train is in the transfer track.

The station looks quiet.

Let’s check out Looper’s makeover.

Brake-fins look to be going in.

Here’s where Skyrush’s lift cable comes back up to meet the station.

Looper’s brake fins on the MCBR look to be in.

These are the only ones I could see on this part of the ride.

There were two sets of two brake-fins next to each other.

As you can see, more are being added to the reduction.

Can’t see any trains yet around the station.

That’s it! Thanks for reading!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #106 (4-14-12)

Sorry for the week absence, guys. It’s the last few weeks of classes and I’ve been very busy. Hopefully today’s update will make up for that. :o)


It’s the last weekend of Springtime in the Park, which means the Summer season opens up in several weeks!

I know somebody was requesting some photos of Skyrush with the creek filled up.

Here you go! 🙂

As you can see, it’s amazing what a little water can do!

Once the hillsides get landscaped, Skyrush will really look awesome in its location.

Especially in this turn, if you are sitting in the edge seat, it looks like it might feel like you are skimming the creek!

In short, it looks great!

Inside the park, the clearance cart  was parked on the brakes.

Here’s how close it comes to Comet’s station.

I don’t think I covered this in last week’s update, but Comet’s new queue has been moved out more away from the building.

Here is what a finished Skyrush footer will look like.

Let’s take a trip on the Skyview.

You can really get some good shots of the brake run and station.

When you’re in The Hollow, Skyrush’s height looks bigger than from Park Boulevard.

Work still continues on the Schwarzkopf Special. 🙂

Here is a full view of Comet’s new queue. It is divided into two parts with the left being the second .

Here is Comet’s new entrance.

The sign looks almost like brand-new!

Here is the funky pre-brake run turn.

It’s a photo like this that makes me with it was already Memorial Day weekend.

These red stations doors have been installed during the week.

The closer you are, the steeper it looks.

Here is Skyrush’s Queue.

This part of the path still has work that needs to be done.

The stairs to the station.

If you look closely, I think you can see the holes on where the queue chains will be.

Let’s check out the area at night. If you look to the center near the start of the lift, you can see what looks to be some lift hill lighting. It’s only one light, but it gives you an idea of what it may look like when it’s done.

The station was brightly lit up.

Same thing for the soon-to-ber queue area.

That’s it for this update, I’ll try to post another one or two sometime next week if I have a chance. Thanks for reading!

Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update (4-8-12): A Look at The Hollow

Ok guys, here’s the update that we’ve been anticipating for the last several months! After four months of constant updates from Park Boulevard, let’s head inside the park to check out Skyrush!

Let’s begin at the entrance to the new path. It’s still under construction, gut let’s see what the beginning of it will look like.

Great view of the far turnaround…

Curbing is in, but black-top still needs to be added to the rest of it…

The creek is now flowing over the dam, which means that the creek is now back up to its orignial level for the first time since construction began over a year ago.

There seems to be a path heading over to the former Creekside Catering area.

Compare it to the updates from back in December and it’s amazing how much progress was made.

Looks like Hollow wasn’t the only area to receive something new. In addition to the small new building in Lower Rhineland, Upper Rhineland received a new Kettle Corn building.

In Founder’s Circle, it is hard to not notice Skyrush surrounding it.

I do think Milton Hershey would be proud.

See? You can’t escape it.

Tilt-A-Whirl is now back in Circle.

The whole queue and a portion of the old Tiny Track platform was re-used, from the looks of it.

When we last saw Skyrush in the park, this section of track had yet to be installed.

The lights around the ride looked like they received the LED treatment this year.

The stengel dive looks even better from inside the park!

I wonder if this last hill might provide a short pop of airtime before hitting the reduction brakes?

These three hills show so much potential for airtime.


Where are we now?

If you guessed under the reduction brake, then you’re right.

The final stretch before the brakes.

It has a slight turn at the end.

Now, without further a-do, welcome to…

The Hollow…

What used to be just the Comet and Great Bear dominating the skyline down here is now Skyrush.

In this area renovation, Comet’s station was repainted and renovated with iron railings taking the place of the old wooden walls.

Looper Lanes has opened with brand-new Skee-Ball machines and Whack-A-Mole being now located in front of Comet’s new entrance.

Speaking of Comet’s entrance, it was moved to the opposite side of the old queue entrance.

The whole line itself was re-done and while it may look smaller in dimensional size, it looks like it actually holds more people than the old one.

It is longer though.

Looper Lanes’s old location is now Skyrush’s brake run and a spot for a Dippin’ Dots stand.

Time for some brake run and lift hill eye-candy.

I am really liking the fact that there is a path below this section.

Some trees have been added to the midway as well. It should look really nice down here once they start growing in.

Transfer track!

So far the station looks like it’s on-par with Midway America’s coaster stations if not even better.

Here is the ADA elevator to the station.

The Looper Sandwich Shop has been renovated and will now house a Famous Famiglia.

Mr. O’Connell WAS right! They were building a slushy stand!

I found that the closer you are to the lift, the steeper it looks.

Seven more weeks!

The new restrooms were open.

Up in the station, the queue railings and entrance gates have been installed as well as the fans.

Here you compare Comet’s lift hill height and Skyrush’s.

The elevator entrance on the 2nd floor.

Here is the base of the stairs to the station. Left side is for the front row, center is for the rest of the train, and the right is the exit, which looks like it will take you past the photo booth. The footer in the center might be for the entrance sign and the poles to the right of it look to be for the height sign.

Your journey to ride the edge will start right here.

It looks like what the park did was move all the games out of Looper Lanes and scatter them around The Hollow area.

Here is where the new path will come out at.

Looks good so far!

Here’s the queue area. It looks like they still need to pour some more concrete and that it will cover that stone area in the distance.

I think I see some light pole bases…

…more pieces for the path lights, an old fence, and Tilt-A-Whirl’s old queue railings??

The stengel dive looks banked even steeper over here.

Here is Skyrush from the top of the Kissing Tower.

This shot is strikingly similar to the photos that you can take of Intimidator 305 from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Dominion.

Here’s a better close-up.

The park’s first Intamin coaster, Storm Runner,  says hello.

Skyrush’s control booth.

Looper, while it wasn’t open, was looking blue today.

I really like this funky turn over Comet’s station.

I wonder how fast the trains are going to go around this section?

Speaking of trains…

As you can see, Skyrush comes pretty close to Comet’s roof.

You can get a good view for the reduction brake from Comet’s exit.

It also received some new landscaping as well.

So there you have it!

I’ll try to stop by and get some photos of the filled-up creek sometime soon and do another Hollow update sometime next weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Hersheypark Skyrush and Pre-Season Update #104 (4-5-12)

Congrats, coaster nerds. You have successfully made it through the offseason! There’s a lot to cover on this coaster season-eve and most of it is last-minute prep work for tomorrow, so let’s check it out!

Over at Chocolate World, the gift shop in the food court looks like it is currently being renovated.

Here’s a picture of a construction dude taking a picture of something. What is that something? Read on…

The track joints have been smoothed out. I believe that this might be the most zoomed-in photo of Skyrush’s track so far.

The new path looks like it will have this stone curbing.

There’s something odd in this photo…


The creek is being filled back up!

Here’s the farthest section of the construction path that is not submerged… yet!

Could this be for the lift cable to travel under Comet’s bridge?

The water looks like it still needs to fill up about another foot or so.

So far, so good.

Once the water gets a little deeper, the path should be harder to see.

Mapping out the curbing for the path.

The next question is where does it go from under the bridge?

The sign for the restrooms is now on Skyrush’s station.

The directional signage has been changed.

Benches are in, scenery is in, trees are in, lights are in, looks like The Hollow is ready!

Signage is up and it looks like the Looper Sandwich Shop is now a Famous Famigila, Skyrush Slush, and ice cream stand.

Wave Swinger was testing as well.

I’m interested in seeing what this area looks like from inside the park.

Here’s an overview of the new and improved The Hollow! As you can see, many more trees have been added.

Looks like there is a possibility of the new restrooms being open tomorrow.

Good spot for nerd shots of the brakes.

Here is a look at the new lighting for the area.


Looks like the water level is rapidly increasing. Looks like we might see the official water level of the creek in this area tomorrow.

Now that you can see the track fully cross over the water, it looks like it will really add a lot to the ride.


Here is the entrance to the path.

Hersheypark Place won’t be opening until May 4th.

The old preview area has been cleaned up, flowers have been planted…

And some random building has popped up in its spot. Doesn’t look like a shop or stand, though.

So that’s it! Park opens tomorrow, I’ll be over to check out The Hollow on Sunday! Expect a new update then, including a panorama shot of the area!

See you at the park!