Hersheypark Skyrush and Pre-Season Update #104 (4-5-12)

Congrats, coaster nerds. You have successfully made it through the offseason! There’s a lot to cover on this coaster season-eve and most of it is last-minute prep work for tomorrow, so let’s check it out!

Over at Chocolate World, the gift shop in the food court looks like it is currently being renovated.

Here’s a picture of a construction dude taking a picture of something. What is that something? Read on…

The track joints have been smoothed out. I believe that this might be the most zoomed-in photo of Skyrush’s track so far.

The new path looks like it will have this stone curbing.

There’s something odd in this photo…


The creek is being filled back up!

Here’s the farthest section of the construction path that is not submerged… yet!

Could this be for the lift cable to travel under Comet’s bridge?

The water looks like it still needs to fill up about another foot or so.

So far, so good.

Once the water gets a little deeper, the path should be harder to see.

Mapping out the curbing for the path.

The next question is where does it go from under the bridge?

The sign for the restrooms is now on Skyrush’s station.

The directional signage has been changed.

Benches are in, scenery is in, trees are in, lights are in, looks like The Hollow is ready!

Signage is up and it looks like the Looper Sandwich Shop is now a Famous Famigila, Skyrush Slush, and ice cream stand.

Wave Swinger was testing as well.

I’m interested in seeing what this area looks like from inside the park.

Here’s an overview of the new and improved The Hollow! As you can see, many more trees have been added.

Looks like there is a possibility of the new restrooms being open tomorrow.

Good spot for nerd shots of the brakes.

Here is a look at the new lighting for the area.


Looks like the water level is rapidly increasing. Looks like we might see the official water level of the creek in this area tomorrow.

Now that you can see the track fully cross over the water, it looks like it will really add a lot to the ride.


Here is the entrance to the path.

Hersheypark Place won’t be opening until May 4th.

The old preview area has been cleaned up, flowers have been planted…

And some random building has popped up in its spot. Doesn’t look like a shop or stand, though.

So that’s it! Park opens tomorrow, I’ll be over to check out The Hollow on Sunday! Expect a new update then, including a panorama shot of the area!

See you at the park!

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3 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush and Pre-Season Update #104 (4-5-12)

  1. Thanks for the update! Looks amazing. It’s really coming all together, is it possible that path will be open before Memorial Day Weekend? It looks great, the creek is really filling up. Also, are they going to paint over where they smoothed the track? Thanks!

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  3. Was at the park today and it was okay. Got there early so i go to almost all rides before the wave of people Storm Runner only had one train on it and was actually working, Comets line was a 2h wait, Great Bear had both trains and only about 30-60mins wait, Lightning Racer only had one train for each but was a less than 10-15 min wait, Superdooperlooper was closed, Farhrenheit was closed(It looked like they were working on the lift, and test dummies were still in the carts) Wildcat was open with a 10-15 min wait along with Wild Mouse
    Skyrush looks fantastic! They were working on the inside of the station as well as still smoothing out the track joints and touch ups. One thing i noticed is the train is out from the stadium but i didnt see it in the station or anywhere! Maybe they are decaling it up for testing!!

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