Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #114 (5-11 and 5-12-12)

Testing is still going strong and now both trains are making their laps. The grass is starting to pop up on Skyrush’s ride area and the finishing touches are starting to be added.

Creekside Catering is starting to look refreshed and ready to go.

New fence?

It was really nice out and perfect for doing an update.

The water really adds to the ride.

Ride photo spot is in.

Looks like it’s only going to need to use one camera to get each row.

Trees are up, most of the fencing is up, just need black-top.

Hmm, the transfer area looks empty…

Looks like two-train testing has begun!

The protective tape has been removed from the sides of the lapbars.

The lift didn’t look like it was running at full-speed, but it was only the first day of operating two trains so it’s understandable.

Approximately 17mph going up a steep lift hill is going to be incredible!

The bag-drop is starting to go in!

I’m guessing these domes will go on the tops of them.

The elevator!

Since the midway goes under the brake-run, here are some nerd shots of the trains.

This photo was taken on 8-2-11

…and this was taken a few days ago from the same spot!

Great view!

As for the edge-seats, you do look like you are out farther than what you are on a B&M floorless coaster. As the train is going down the first drop, you can easily see the seats along side the track.

The Creekside Catering entrance.

Less than two weeks until we can walk down this path!

The outside railings are up for the queue area.

This railing still needs to be installed. It’s looking like you enter the queue on the left side.

Here is the exit.

More trees have been added as well.

Looks like Looper’s queue might be expanding. Haven’t seen testing yet.

That’s it for now. Here’s a second Testing Video, enjoy!

12 more days until opening day!

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6 thoughts on “Hersheypark Skyrush Construction Update #114 (5-11 and 5-12-12)

  1. You sir have seriously made some awesome updates throughout the construction of this ride. You notice every small detail and take amazing pictures.

  2. Wow, it looks amazing! Can you believe we are 12 days away? Thanks for the photos! Can’t wait! Also, I wonder why they might be extended Looper’s queue.. The ride usually seems to be a walk on. Maybe since the maintenance done on it recently, it will change that.

  3. Nice photos. I’m looking forward to riding Skyrush in a few weeks, hopefully before the summer crowds.

    A small suggestion: I was curious what Skyrush sounded like but couldn’t hear it. Coaster sounds only, please. (I watched the video with the sound turned off.)

  4. is it just me…. or does the queue for skyrush appear to be small? it looks a lot shorter than rides such as lightning racer, farenheit, storm runner, great bear, and even superdooperlooper looks about the same size!

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